About Me

My Name

Earl B.


Guardian of monsters since a gradeschooler, trained on Universal Monster documentaries, kaiju history lessons, and late night Svengali instructions through the wonder of black & white cathode transmissions.  Moved to the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of happiness and Sasquatch sightings with a panache for intergalactic bounty hunting, in search of the truth out there and extraterrestrials.  Collector of SteamCrow Objet d’Arte for over 10 years, appreciating the finer things for one’s eyeballs.  Lifelong mission of maintaining the balance between creativity, logic, and wonder reveling in the subtle magic that surrounds us.

Favorite Monster

Werewolf, kaiju, aliens, and renegade robots.

Monster Ranger Info

Ranger Branch(es)

Rangers Core, Scare Force, Skull Rangers

Directory Listing Location

Seattle, WA