“RangerCraft”, the art of making Ranger-centric things, is coming your way beginning on Sunday, August 30th at Noon PST. (Seattle time!)

Every Sunday, Dawna of Steam Crow will be hosting sewing classes via MONSTER RANGERS FACEBOOK GROUP (though the technology may vary based on our experiences.)

Lesson 1: Fruits of our Labor

Rangercraft Lesson 1 handout

Lesson 2: Blessed Thread

Lesson 3: Phases

Worksheet page 1 for our third lesson.
Worksheet page 2 for our third stitching lesson.

Lesson 4: Spirits

Lesson 5: Doom

This is what we’re going to make!
Doom Worksheet example. Download is below.

The Patron Herb

LESSON 6 : Patron Herb

LESSON 7 : Excellent Focus