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Lost Unicorn Sign Strider

The Lost Unicorn Pub, a fixture in the 1st District of Frostbrine, is popular for exactly one reason; the owner commissions a dozen “sign striders” to walk around the ‘Brine advertising the pub. The best known Sign Strider is a… Continue Reading →

Lost Unicorn Pub

The Lost Unicorn Pub is one of the most popular locations in the 1st District of Frostbrine, where one can hire (corrupt) Knights for their warbands. These once honorable men and women have mostly lost their prior convictions for honor… Continue Reading →

Apocalyptic Zealot

Certainly the destruction of Frostbrine attracted all sorts of loonies who came to predict the end of the world and saw the city’s demise and “proof!” For centuries these folks would arrive to “spread the word” for a few months,… Continue Reading →

Frostbrine Notice Board

Notice Boards can be found in many of the populated districts of Frostbrine. They are used to help find new members for Warbands, locate missing adventurers, and even alert the populace to dangerous criminals and local monsters. They are utilized,… Continue Reading →

Dock Mechans

These mechanical beings have low intellect, but they always do a day’s labor for an evening’s bottle of volt-juice. They load and lift crates, boxes and barrels without much complaint, and are very strong. (Much better than the manling laborers,… Continue Reading →

Frostbrine Ice Troll

Ice Trolls crawl up on the docks and ruins of Frostbrine all the time, and any explorer worth their salt has had to fight them over and over again. They are a real problem, attracted to garbage, shack-inns, and the… Continue Reading →

Frostbrine Pack Ogre

In Frostbrine, Pack Ogres can be hired to haul all of the food and supplies that you might require on the way IN, and then carry back all of that heavy treasure on the way out. Just… don’t always trust… Continue Reading →

Sellsword Shack

In Frostbrine, mercenaries know that the next job is just another day or two away. Sorcerers from the Cities beyond arrive to “the Brine” all the time, looking for fame, fortune, and some undiscovered incantation. Sellsword Shacks are where mercenaries… Continue Reading →

Cirbir Shrines

The shrines to Cirbir (“sir-bur”) the three headed hound god, can be found in many of the older parts of Frostbrine. The idols are nearly all the same; immense brass statue of a hound with three heads, set upon a… Continue Reading →

Frostbrine Scuttle Barge

Scuttle Barges are very common throughout the Frostbrine. Typically made out of brass plated wood, they were made to be left in the salty waters for years without worry from worms, barnacles, and sea beasts. While some folks rent them… Continue Reading →

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