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WEENHALLOW is a Monster Rangers holiday… think of it as your second Halloween. It’s when the Monsters come out and party with their Monster-loving friends. This year’s theme is the MADBAT! He’s bat-guano crazy! Interpret how you want… but make… Continue Reading →

The final piece! I added a few little details to the corner of the board to give it a rustic feel. I built a stand to display him on a table when not hanging on a wall. It was simply 3/8" angled pieces of wood glued/nailed to a piece of plywood as a base.

Marrow Thatch

Marrow Thatch was “born” in June, 1903 on the Black Acre Farm, just outside of Claytin, Washington. He was brought to life in a freak electrical storm, carried there by a puzzling purple cloud. Facts: Race: Halloween Golem Height: 33… Continue Reading →

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