When you first get one of our orange bandanas, they’re just a little too bright. But there’s a fix; STAIN IT!

It’s easy, quick, and will bring that bright orange a little closer to pumpkin.

You’ll need:

  • Some very black coffee and ground
  • A bucket or large bowl
  • Space to spread it out to dry
  • A dryer


First, pour your coffee and grounds into the bowl/bucket.

Coffee can be cold.


Smash your bandana into the coffee slurry.

Let the bandana soak it all up for at least five minutes. Longer is fine, too. (Longer = a little darker)

Wring it out.

Try to get out all of the moisture that you can

Spread it out to dry, leaving some coffee grounds to add more splotches of color. The more grounds, the darker your result.


If not dark enough after it dries, repeat soaking. 

After it dries, shake off the grounds and set the stain by putting it in the dryer on HIGH.



This technique can be used on any medium to light colored garment that you wish to age, such as your Ranger’s Uniform Shirt.