The Doomwood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars, featuring weird characters. It was started by the Skull Rangers back in the early 1900’s, when the lonely Rangers would have races of ghost-pulled toys (then called “Reaper Racers”.) Eventually, the tradition spread from graveyard to graveyard, and then to the various Barrows… where it was adopted as a Monster Rangers tradition… with 4 wheels, called “DOOMWOOD DERBY.”

We’ve recently uncovered some of the first Doomwood Derby cars (shown in these photos by Tim Schuessler), and we’ve designed kits around those first designs.

Kits are intended for folks over 18, though we’d certainly hope that adult Monster Rangers would assist Monster Rangers Jrs with their cars.


We don’t love rules, but sometimes you need them.

  • Do not make your racer wider than the axel. (1.5 inches.) You can go up to 1.6 inches wide, but you’re asking for trouble.
  • Keep your racer under 5.4 inches tall. We’d recommend around 4.5 inches as more ideal.
  • Keep your racer under 6 inches long. Stock car is 5.9 inches long.
  • You must use the official Doomwood Derby kit as the base of your car.
  • You must keep the stock wooden wheels and steel axel. 
  • Maximum weight limit: 5.2 oz.

If you do not follow the rules, your Derby Car will probably be disqualified for regular races.


We’re planning on bringing Doomwood Derby races to each Monstro Camp in 2020, along with races at the Crows Carnival and WeenHallow events, in Phoenix.

Derbys will have 3 phases:

  1. THE CAR SHOW – where your car is shown off, and graded on it’s CREATIVE MERIT.
  2. THE RACES – where we find out who has the fastest car.
  3. UNLIMITED DOOM – A separate race where anything goes, and weird races go head to head, literally.


6 cars will race at one time, and we’ll likely do a double elimination for the speed portion of the race. Rangers of all ages will race together.


Derby Cars will be judged on the creative merit of their cars:


  • Design
  • Character – How the character is depicted
  • Color design


  • Neatness
  • Quality of build
  • Workmanship


  • Unique vision
  • Theme
  • “Rangerness”

Note: the Order of Obscuria Mystery of the Month folks all received complete first edition cars. (No tail wings, orange, with winged “Doomy” mascot.)

Since these cars were built BY the Judges (Daniel & Dawna) it seems egotistical and unfair to rate them highly. These cars will automatically receive a score of 15 in overall Creative Merit.


The overall winner of each race will be a combination of the standing for both their RACE RESULT and for the best in CREATIVE MERIT.

The best results in both, is our overall DOOMWOOD DERBY Winner.

Blatto car and the Prime Prix Trophy
Daniel’s BLATTO racer and Prime Prix Trophy


This is a “RACE” where cars (6 per side) go head-to-head and meet in the middle of the track, where they smash together violently. Traps may also be placed on the track by the judges.

  • Anything goes for how they look/operate
  • They must still utilize the kit car, wheels, and axels
  • They must only be 1.5 inches wide (so that they can roll in their lane.)
  • The winner is who has the most fun


These rules are a living thing; we’ve never made such a thing before, and are learning. Rules are subject to adjustment and change.

Please be patient with us, and understand that this is an ACTIVITY that should be fun, whether you WIN or NOT. It should not seed discord, anger, or undue frustration.

If you’re only RACING TO WIN; you are doing it wrong.

This is the spirit of the MONSTER RANGERS. I have spoken.


You too can make your own Doomwood Derby Car with this easy-to-build kit. (Kit includes a character head, not shown.)

Doomwood Derby Kit