Yokai Rangers

Yokai Rangers

The Yokai Rangers are very specialized in the lore of the Yokai, the traditional spirit creatures of Japan, along with the Kaiju, gigantic monsters who sometimes destroy cities. It is a vast field, as there are thousands of different regional Yokai across Japan, and requires specialization. (In our bastardization, “Kaiju” is implied in any mention of “Yokai”.)

The Yokes were started in 1909 when Baron Davis visited Osaka, Japan, on an international exchange trip. The group caught on, and within a year there were 5000 Yokai Rangers in Japan.


  • “Kaiju Corps”
  • “Yokes”
  • “Monsutā Renjā”

Most Yokai Rangers

  • Were born and raised in Japan
  • Love Yokai and Western Monsters
  • Have a solid knowledge of Yokai, but surely don’t know them all (there are so many!)
  • Have seen a live Kaiku, in the Wilds
  • Are regimented and scholarly in their approach

Some Yokai Rangers

  • Have died learning about Yokai
  • Know little about Western Monsters or traditions
  • Met Baron Davis when he ventured to Osaka in 1909
  • Are Otaku of Monsters of all sorts


  • Small backpack
  • Peril Twine bundle
  • A tanto knife
  • Envelope hat
  • Oni patch


These Rangers brew a very special alcohol called “Yokai Sake.” It is sought out by Monster Medics and Rangers.

Pick One:

  • Satchel with Patches
  • Sash with Patches
  • Cloak with Patches


The Yokai Rangers are lead by Ikko Nonaka, from the Yokai Rangers lodge in Osaka, Japan.

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