Baron Davis was born in Claytin, Washington, in 1869 to Alma and Joha Davis. Of course, he wasn’t yet a Rangermaster or champion of invisible creatures; he was born a poor ditch-child with little more than a name.


  • Race: Manling
  • Age: 49 at disappearance
  • Height: 6 ft, though many describe him as much taller
  • Weight: 299 pounds
  • Strength: Farmer. Is said to have once picked up a mule, when angered.
  • Disposition: Kind, clever, and maybe unsane
  • Favorite food: Lime Pie
  • Born 1869
  • Disappeared: June 1918


Baron’s life was simple in the early 1870’s; he played in the soil, and watched his parents toil over a land so cursed, so ruined, that it wouldn’t grow a single weed. But being a happy child, Baron was content to play with his twin brother Duke, and chase chickens around the homestead until darkness enveloped the day.

Alma and Joha were probably not the most loving couple to their children. They were said to be cold, not unlike the barren soil of their land. Their constant struggle to keep food in the cast iron pans was probably the main reason for this, though little was written about them in either Duke or Baron’s journals. Neighbors avoided the Davis clan, avoiding Joha’s sour looks.


Baron always had a difficult relationship with his brother; Duke wielded a sharp wit, and was quick to tease and torment Baron at every turn. They fought often, sharp words turning into knuckle sandwiches and twisted wrestling matches over dead stumps.

My brother and I fought like cats and raccoons over a pie that can only be described as our parent’s attention; and there was only one slice!

From correspondence, we know that the brothers probably loved each other, though they surely had difficulty showing one another.

Most folks say that Baron was the kinder brother of the two, with a good heart and adventurous spirit. He also liked pies of all sort; apple, cherry, and pot pies, among others.


In 1887, a horrible blizzard savaged the homestead. Duke and Baron were sent out to gather coal before the storm struck, though when they returned 3 days later, the farm was buried in 22 feet of snow. Alma and Joha were found dead. That Spring Duke won a scholarship to the prestigious Monsterology Academy in Nuxun, Montana, leaving Baron to fend for himself and his newly inherited land.


Baron had a difficult time with the farm, having little success among the dust, grainy soil, and thousands of crows that called the Davis Homestead home. Baron built an enormous scarecrow out of spare tractor parts to scare them away, but it was no good. His pride over his massive creation was replaced with submission; the crows were here to stay.

We all know the story how Baron spent the next decade criss-crossing the United States teaching folks how to “Imagine8” monsters, helping creatures in need, and spreading the word. In the end, it worked.


Baron had little time to prepare for joining World War One, a month by most accounts. The Monster Ranger Gazette indicated that Baron was worried, and for good measure; the war was far worse than any anticipated. He was seen pacing the SHINDIG fields, along with Marrow and his best monster friends.

In a week he selected a War Patrol of the toughest monsters he could bring with him: Ghost-Pup, Kaizoap, Vixx-6, and Big Roro. They did military exercises over the next few weeks, though they were not at all prepared.

The Farewell Feast erased the cloud of worry over the farm, with 300 Rangers, monsters, and townsfolk in attendance. There were many dances, stories, speeches, and songs; the night was remember for many years by those who were there. It is said that Baron laughed all night, but left just before dawn with his Patrol.


The war was a glorious disaster, with storms of mustard gas, corrupted Axis Rotters, and churning machines of mechanized battle. Vixx-6 died first, which seemed to have effected Baron deeply. In a letter to Marrow Thatch dated May 13, 1918 Baron said:

Oh Marrow, I regret to inform you that Vixx died today. Our trench was overrun with the Rotters, and we could hardly see through the clouds of the mustard gas. First Vixx got shot in the belly, and then the Rotters came and… well… they tore him up. I am so sorry…

Not many letters survive from this time, but it can be ascertained that Baron was deeply effected by the war, the death of man, monster and horse, and by the Axis corruptions of monsters that were once good.

A month later, Baron and his remaining Troop were bombed by Axis biplanes, though they were blown back to Monstru itself.