We believe in the power of story; here are some Legends and Tales of Obscuria. Here are a few that our Dark Librarians have uncovered so far.

Brass Monkey
In the Winter of 1913, Baron Davis found himself on a ship (the Sea Ranger “Doomflower 2”) accompanied by 6
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Lone humanoids known for gambling, begging, trading junk, and strangling and/or backstabbing their enemies. While they can be found throughout
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The Gloomin
It came at night. It was a bird. A Crow. But it wasn’t like the other crows from the farm.
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Header Warlock Stick of Majik
Warlock Stick of Majik
ARCHIVE OF THE DARK LIBRARIANS, Artifact Number #115712-C38 The Warlock Stick of Majik was first discovered hanging from the branches
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Monster Codex Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend
From the desk of Major Applecart, L.O.M.E.°: For your consideration, a rare corporeal example of an often neglected monster subgroup:
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Barter Circle
Barter Circles
BARTER CIRCLES Since the beginning of time, impromptu Monster Markets have sprung up in neutral zones throughout Obscuria – typically
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Log Monsters Ceremony
Log Monster Ceremony
Log Monsters is a tradition of MONSTRO CAMPS, which we do during the day. You can do this at ANY Monster
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The Monster Rangers Myth
Baron and Duke Davis, twin brothers, were born on a dirt farm near Clayton, Washington in 1869 to Alma and
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