Rangers, we need able-bodied recruits!

Your Mission is simple: Spread this propaganda poster.

How to Get Started

  1. Download this recruitment poster
  2. Post it in a public place (ask for permission) that creative/interesting people frequent
  3. Photograph your evidence

Where To Post

  • College campus
  • Coffee shop bulletin board
  • Workplace break room
  • Comic book shop
  • Comic convention freebie table
  • Your roommate’s door
  • A friend or stranger’s hand

How Many

As many as you can; at least 5 high traffic areas are required.

The Spirit of this Mission is to reach OUR kind of people, the more the better. Sure, you could post this on your bedroom door, but that defeats what we’re trying to accomplish here.


  • Get permission to post/give away flier(s) first
  • Document your postings. (Time, location)
  • Photograph your fliers up
  • Submit your success (only when complete)

Remember, we’re looking for effectiveness.

(Send us a link to your photo evidence.)

Those of you who put this into 5 or more different locations will be rewarded with a real Haunted Hand Badge.

Haunted Hand

Caveat: Do not get us into trouble – ask for permission first before posting fliers on private property. Getting the Rangers into trouble will eliminate your chance to get the reward.

Go get ’em, Ranger!



4 UP PDF 2.8 MEG

8 UP PDF 1.8 MEG