The Dark Librarians study, catalog, and protect the knowledge of the Monster Rangers. They are the arcane repositories of legends, stories, information, and even Formulae. Some feel that they are miserly in sharing their information, but knowledge is power, and power should be restrained, studied and understood.

Most of the Dark Librarians live and work in the vaults below the Black Acre Lodge, though individuals can often be found in the field on assignment with particular Barrows.

Relic Guardians are the field officers of the Librarians; their role is to go out and discover Obscurian antiquities and bring them back for analysis and cataloging.

Dark Librarians are admired by Skull Rangers, but most Psychic Rangers don’t trust them.

Motto: “You are what you know”.


  • “Inkers”
  • “Acadeem”
  • “Libs”

Most Dark Librarians

  • Have the Aspect “Bookworm”
  • Spend their days researching Obscuria, cataloging Formulae, and loaning out Relics to Rangers in need. (With proper documentation, mind you!)
  • Never leave Black Acre Lodge
  • Have an excellent understanding of the Card Catalog System

Some Dark Librarians

  • Leave the Vault and become Relic Guardians
  • Become overly obsessed with their organizational system and Order
  • Were once Relic Guardians
  • Tire of the safety of the Library, and want a life in the Wilds
  • Know too much


  • A large leather-bound tome
  • A handbook
  • Card catalog cards
  • A variety of Formulae (Blueprints/plans)
  • A Librarian’s Apron
  • A variety of fountain pens, quills and ink


The Dark Librarians brew a black substance called “Think Ink”, which is said to record the intent of the scribe. It is traded with Yokai Rangers and Conjure Guard.

Pick One:

  • Satchel with Patches
  • Sash with Patches
  • Cloak with Patches


The Dark Librarians are lead by Mistress Mildred Vanks who oversees the Black Acre Library, personally.