Monsters leak through from Monstru into Obscuria from time to time. We’re not entirely sure how or why it happens, but it happens and has occurred for as long as Manlings have walked the Earth. If course, one must know how to “Imagine8” to see them.


Monster – Bestial creatures with horns, teeth, and day jobs. There are many different kinds of Monsters, from Furnace Goblins to Wage Daemons, and they are the most common type of creature in MONSTRU.

Automat – Machine based life forms; clockworks or steampunks. Short for “automaton,” most Automat were created long ago for the benefit of the Monsters.

Bloodless – Ghosts, rotters, and other forms of unlife that still dwell on the outskirts of MONSTRU society. They may be dead, but they still have work to do.

Monster Races

  • Boggra – Lagoon creatures who have been forced to move from the swamp into Monstru’s vast sewer system. They are knowledgeable of the dark, damp places.
  • Crone – Wicked monster women who are skilled in majik, and the eating of bones. Baba Jaga is a Crone.
  • Daemon – Red skinned beasts once summoned from damnation itself. But now they can’t seem to find a way back. Beastio is a Daemon, as is Toni Oni.
  • Furnace Goblins (“Gremlinoff”, “Grigg”) – Inside of every steam-car, and behind every empire, there are hard working slave-goblins doing hard labor for the comfort of others. Sometimes they escape. Horst and Grist are goblins.
  • Kelpie – Ill-fated horses that at first appear to be beautiful and gentle, but after mounted, turn into green, swamp diving beasts.
  • Krampus – Hairy, horned, and bestial, Krampus are some of the most common folk of Monstru. They can fight, drive, and steal, and are fairly adaptable. They used to steal bad children.
  • Peerless – Unique creatures that have no “race” to call their own; they are truly alone in this world. KlawBerry is an example of a Peerless.
  • Patchwork Wonder – You are a creature of many parts, sewn together with string and wire, and brought to life through the wonders of electromajik! You may contain parts of Trolla, Goblin, Automat or even Bloodless.
  • Skinwalker – Former Monstonia spies, these wolf men have the ability to shift into a Manling whenever they overwork their brain.
  • Trolla – Once feared mountain dwellers, Trollas rove in caravans, most often selling worthless junk. They’re tough scrappers, though.

Automat Races

  • Halloween Golem – Mechanical men built to bring order to wilderness by cutting down trees, and tending farms. Now obsolete, they do odd-jobs to pay the bills. Kip Cupwhistle is one.
  • Vendomat – Most Halloween Golems were converted into these portable vending machines 2 centuries ago. Don’t laugh, they are equipment fiends.
  • CrowBot – The huge mecha crows used as soldiers of terror for the Authority. While, another form of Automat, they are not a playable race. (Too dang big.)
  • Mechan – For a time it was fashionable to have a clockwork servant created in the likeness of the mythical “Manlings,” often grafting their bones to metal. Today, they haunt old bookstores or junkyards. Chadworth Machine is a Mechan.
  • Clockwork – Housed inside their rich, oak cases, the Clockwork appear much like a grandfather clock. Inside, an array of powerful gear driven difference engines stroke the amazing intellect of these sentient beings. Clockworks are rare and generally controlled by the AUTHORITY.

Automat have a difficult time manipulating “the Majik” than the other races. They normally have a maximum of “Good” for any Thyr/Magic based skill.

Bloodless Races

  • Haunt – After the Pathos bomb fell on Worch and wiped out the Manlings, all that is left are these radioactive apparitions. Hey, they’re still dangerous.
  • Rotter – While most of them simply wander about the edges of Skullopolis, some decide to partake a life of adventure. Others raid the Clown Bite dumpsters. Which is it?
  • Feratu – Blood suckers with a knack for selling used vehicles. Above all, they know how to make a profit. Often seen as second-class citizens.
  • Embalma – Ancient manlings that were exposed to a forbidden chemical reaction, the Embalma wear layers of bandages to protect their skin from the elements. Although they’re dead, they enjoy chewing fresh monster-flesh.


Fiji Mermaid Crypto Specimen
The following is a very true1 story. Franc Marsh of Gritdown, Oregon was fishing for ground fish along the misty
Puks are a strange type of creature, made by some sort of weird intersection between Monstru and Obscuria and Earth.
Hard-working owlfolk, the Viarlings are also known as the "Okhar" [oh-kar]. While they can be found throughout Obscuria, they are
Lone humanoids known for gambling, begging, trading junk, and strangling and/or backstabbing their enemies. While they can be found throughout
Klowna Klowna (aka "Clowna", "Clownie", "Klownie") are wicked monsters, interested in seeding fear and turmoil with Manlings. The prowl the
Monster Codex Trolla
Trolla Trolla are an ancient race of hulking, bestial creatures who come from the rugged mountain lands. They are known
Monster Codex Imaginary Friend
From the desk of Major Applecart, L.O.M.E.°: For your consideration, a rare corporeal example of an often neglected monster subgroup: