There are a large number of interesting folks who have encountered, been a part of, or opposed the Monster Rangers. Here are some of them.

(The format follows this model: Name, Race, Birthdate-Death. Brief description.)

Baron Davis, Manling. 1869-1918?. Founder of the Monster Rangers and friend to manling and monster alike. Presumed trapped in Monstru since 1918.

Big Roro, Monster. Unknown-1918. A member for Baron’s War Patrol, Big Roro was known to have a big heart, funny sense of humor, and a wicked bite. Killed by Blotvar in France.

Blotvar, Corrupted Trolla. 1877-?. Created by Dr. Vloin, Blotvar was an immense trolla with metal fists embedded with machine guns. Killed Big Roro in France.

Crow Queen, Unknown. ?-?. The mysterious leader of Obscuria, the Crow Queen and her court are greatly feared among most Monsterkind. The most often encountered “proof” of her existence are brass coins minted in her likeness.

Duke Davis, Manling. 1869-?. Monsterologist brother to Baron Davis, Duke achieved middling status in the organization before disappearing in 1938. (Monstru?)

Dr. Anton Vloin, Manling. 1848-1918. German scientist who was the mastermind behind the “Monster-Kämpfer” Program (monster fighters), he invented the Rotters.

Joh Woefix, Manling? 1510-? The founder of the Skull Rangers, Joh has been a fixture of the Monster Rangers since the order’s inception.

Kline Redback, Manling. 1938-1968? American folk musician and friend of monsters who achieved brief fame in the music business with his album “I’m a Monster, too.”

Marrow Thatch, Halloween Golem. 1903-present. Marrow was “discovered” in a freak electrical storm, when he was struck by lightening. He is known to have wandered off into the forest, sometime after 1919.

Miro Cich, Manling. 1888-?  Born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Monsterologist and member of the Elders of Arcane (Science). Considered the most talented Warlock of the age. (Aside from “the Queen”.)

Rothram Vine, Feratu. 1625- 1915. Rothram rescued Baron Davis from a devastating fall down a crevasse (into a Wraithling grave), and subsequently saved his life. Rothram defended Baron with his platinum-laced blade, but he ultimately “died” in the process. This Hero is now known as the “Platinum Vampire”.

Tante Tena, Manling. 1811-1904. Born on Halloween, and raised by monsters after being dropped on their doorstep by friendly witches. She compiled the first Witch Stitch book, which she gave to Baron on her deathbed. She is considered the Mother of the Conjure Guard.

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