Clocktalkers are the oily-fingered mechanics of the Monster Rangers; they maintain and repair Scare Force Biplanes, crawl through the boilers of Sea Ranger Vessels, and keep mechanical creatures such as the Automats in good health.

They value hard work, knowledge of mechanical systems, strength and a strong work ethic.

They have invented a kind of energy called “Dynama” which they utilize to power some of their mechanical constructs and devices.

Motto: “In Royal Oil We Toil”.


  • “Monkey”
  • “Grease Goblin”
  • “Black Thumb”

Most Clocktalkers:

  • Are blue collar, hard working Rangers
  • Have the Aspect “Greasemonkey”
  • An affinity for mechanics and machinery
  • Are at odds with the Conjure Guard, who don’t understand them
  • Need more Royal Oil

Some Clocktalkers:

  • Are highly-educated mechanical engineers
  • Specialize in one type of machinery
  • Are actually Monsters
  • Would rather spend their days in the garage, than in the field
  • Are lazy, and spend more time prattling than working


  • Greasy coveralls
  • Several large wrenches (for fixin’ and rumbles)
  • A toolbox
  • Peril Chain
  • A ball-peen hammer
  • Shop rags


Dynama, a new and dynamic energy source, stored in small cells.


The top Clocktalker is named “Earl Dabner”, widely recognized as the most talented mechanic in Obscuria. Earl doesn’t accept any sort of leadership role; it’s simply known.