Baron Davis – Brother to Dr. Duke Davis and founder of the Monster Rangers. Baron was a friend of monsters, and best friend of Marrow Thatch, and became the prime agent for monsterkind. He is believed to be currently lost/trapped in Monstru, though occasionally he has been summoned to Earth for 1 hour per year.

BLAPPO – A shell company started by Duke Davis, to bring pro-monster goods to the United States (and the world at large). Many BLAPPO products were made in monster-unfriendly factories, and were eventually considered unreliable –  though one still remains in Arizona.

Bloodless – A category of monster, known by most folks as “undead”. Haunts, Rotters, Feratu, and Embalma are all “Bloodless”.


Canyon Dan’s – A grey-market brand of monster meat, marketed and sold by BLAPPO. Plug-Uglies are usually very enthusiastic about the Canyon Dan brand.

Clocktalker – Someone who has a way with engines, machinery, and other mechanica.

Code of Conduct – The rules of our Order.

Colors – The badges, insignias, uniforms and other gear of the Monster Rangers.

Conjure Guard – Witcher Rangers who defend our Order by creating wards, sigils and other enchantments to protect us from our enemies.

Crows, aka “Crow Rangers”, “Monster Rangers” – A society of folks united in the discovery, preservation, and aid of monsters. They are so-named after of the original steam-powered scarecrow, Marrow Thatch. The Monster Rangers were founded by Baron Davis in 1903; today they also celebrate and support Steam Crow.


Data Braid – The Dark Librarian method of storing information on lengths of thread. Requires a Data Braider Apparatus to encode or read the information. It is considered to be a lost technology in modern times.

Din – The sound of Aethir happening.

Doom Mimes – A secret sect of Monster Rangers who protect and guide the order. They maintain our bylaws, and exercise punishment. “Doom Mime” is nearly impossible to say, and impossible to kill.

Doom Twine – An essential part of the Rangers kit, Doom Twine is used to make all manner of things from ladders, tents, to haunt-snares.


Elf Moth – The famous unalive band of monsters that had that 1939 top 500 hit “There is something in the water.” Baron Davis is said to have rescued them from a well in 1915.


GLOOMIN – A Spirit of a crow who sometimes helps new Rangers find their way, with a deck of cards. Legend has it that the GLOOMIN was once a crow that sat upon Marrow Thatch’s shoulder when it was struck by lightning, on the fateful day of Baron’s Imagine8 awakening.

Green Market – The illegal and secret international markets where monsterkind is bought and sold for gold, favors, and less savory things. They are known to be run by the various houses of Monsterology.


Imagine8Baron Davis‘ patented 7-step method “of seeing the world.” It sometimes involves hypnotic candy, but mostly it’s about living with self-confidence, imagination with an eye earning one’s long-term goals. Sometimes triggered by a traumatic event, it is universally considered an “awakening” to seeing the monster world.

Irth – The world of manlings, aka “Earth”. This is a Monstruni word.


Law, Theaka “Caw Law.” A Monster Ranger is kind, odd, honorable, spooky, thrifty, and irreverent.


Magic – See Thyr.

Manling – A human being; female, male or in-between. Simply, it’s what the monsters call us.

Marrow Thatch – A steam powered scare-crow (or “steam crow”) built by Baron Davis and blasted to life in a freak lightening storm. Marrow guided Baron to Monstru and taught him how to see and understand monsters.

The Monsterageddon – The ruse created by Monsterologists to sow fear of monsters in the general population. The main tenet of the Monsterageddon is that the “ultimate goal of all monsters is to eat you, steal your lifestyle and wear your skin.”

Monsterology – The “scientific” study and belief that monsters are foul, dirty creatures making a mockery of humanity. Its core doctrine is that monsters must be understood to be destroyed.

Monsterologists – Vile “Scientists” that catalog, study, and hunt monsters; their aim is to rid the world of these misunderstood beasts. Dr. Duke Davis is an active Monsterologist.

Monstervania – The little town where Baron Davis‘ farm was located, that later featured the Monster Rangers Lodge. It used to be overtaken by thousands of Monster Rangers, for the annual Monstro Camp.

Monster Medic – An order of Monster Rangers dedicated to aiding in the health of both Monster and Manling. Knowledgeable in both healing potions and poisons; don’t cross them.

Monstro Camp – Annual campouts of the Monster Rangers. Originally referred to as “Shindigs” and “Monster Camps,” they are the same thing.

Monstru – The world of monsters on the other side of our own. The monsters of Earth must have snuck through from Monstru.

Monstrunaut – An explorer from Earth who travels to Monstru and back again. (Sometimes they’re Rangers, sometimes they are PlugUglies.)

Monsutā Renjā – aka “Yokai Rangers” and “the Yokes.” Japanese Rangering program introduced by Baron Davis on a visit to Osaka, Japan in 1909. Known widely as “the Kaiju Corps.”

Montalk – The official Monster Rangers code, first drafted by Marrow Thatch. It is also the language of some Monsters.


Nodds – Average, everyday Manlings who can’t see through the Veil, and can’t notice the grotesque beauty of Obscuria.


Oath, The – “I pledge to Believe, Study, and Protect Our Monster Friends.”

Obscuria – AKA “Otherwhere”. The “real” world shown through Imagine8ing, revealing Monsters, Weird Weather, and Secret Cities. This “Veil” overlays everything, and is the true world that the Nodds simply cannot see or fathom.

OddsAKA Oddlings. Monsters and Manlings who can Imagine8. “Folks” in-the-know.

Otherwhere – AKA “Obscuria“. A term used to describe the otherworldly places, weather and monsters that “normal” people cannot see. Term coined by Monsterologist Rhex Thorne.


Peril Chain – An element of the uniform, worn over the shoulder. Each link symbolizes a Peril that you’ve avoided through your Monster Rangership; it also makes a good weapon, shackles, or can be combined with other Rangers to make a larger chain.

PlugUgly, Plug UgliesMonsterologist thugs. A cult of uneducated brutes who do the dirty work of the unethical Monsterologist.


Radio Hotline – (253) 778-6276. Occasional broadcasts from Baron Davis, to us. There is likely a 98 year delay.

Redventure – The IMAGINE8 concept of living life to the fullest, one filled with exceptional experiences, friends, and fun.


Sea Rangers – AKA “the Divers,” these Rangers are interested in discovering and helping the monsters that live in the depths of the world’s oceans.

The Shindig – The annual Monster Rangers Monstro Camps.

Six, the – The first 6 original members of the Monster Rangers: Elva Troy, Stella Auditar, Howard Lovecraft, Ira Troy, Klovis Munzel, and Hazel Grail.

Six Seasons, the – Winter, Avras, Spring, Summer, Orten, Autumn. Avras and Orten are the “storm seasons”, though Avras is cold, and Orten is generally hot.

Spy Rangers – An elite division of Monster Rangers who dress “normally” in the world, watching for Monsterologist plots and trouble. They report their findings to the head of the governing Council. Sometimes they even go on secret missions in Monstru.

Steam Crow – A steam-powered scarecrow, infused with Monstru magic. Marrow Thatch is the best known Steam Crow. Also, the Monster Rangers HQ is called Steam Crow. IRL it’s a company dedicated to these monsters/Rangers.

Steam Crow Rangers – See “Monster Rangers.” Same thing. (Used to be known as “Monster Scouts” and “Steam Crow Scouts”; those terms are now abandoned.)


Thyr – The substance of otherworldly power which is utilized by Haunts, Warlocks, and Witches. It is seemingly illegal in the modern world, though some organizations still practice it. Also known as “Magic.”


Veil, the – See “Obscuria“. The “real” world of monsters that overlays our own.


Witch Stitches – Spellbound threads sewn into uniforms, tents, neckerchiefs to protect and aid Rangers. Invented and maintained by the Conjure Guard.