Rangers, we need help spreading the word!

Your Mission is simple: Spread the word about our current Kickstarter campaign.

How to Get Started

  1. Wait for us to announce a Kickstarter campaign
  2. Pledge on the current/live Kickstarter
  3. Follow any campaign specific directions
  4. Use the hashtag #steamcrow #monsterrangers #shoutmission

Where To Promote

  • Facebook wall
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Topic Related Forums/Groups (Monsters, Krampus, Halloween, etc.)

Shouting out our Kickstarter campaigns helps spread Steam Crow success! Word of mouth is the most powerful way to do it, Ranger!


  1. Join the Monster Rangers
  2. Pledge on the Kickstarter
  3. Promote at least 3 times
  4. Keep proof of your promotions
  5. Follow the directions!

You’ll need to promote:

  • On the First 2 Days of the campaign
  • In the Middle of the campaign
  • On the last 2 Days of the campaign

Gather Proof

Post proof on the forums, on your own blog, or somewhere where you can send us a link to see it all. Proof = screenshots or links to see it all.

DO NOT email us a bunch of screenshots. We don’t have the Rangerpower to handle that.

Sample Text

  • Join the Monster Rangers, and support the Krampus Kickstarter today!
  • Believe in Krampus? Support the Krampus Kickstarter while you can!
  • Or something better! Your own words will probably be the best.

Remember, we’re looking for effectiveness.

Bonus personal mission: Submit our Kickstarter to a geek/nerd/niche blog or news site. Be persuasive and short, and try to entice them to write about us.

Report your success here! (Send us a link to your photo evidence.)

Caveat: Do not get us into trouble – ask for permission first before posting in private communities and forums. Getting the Ranger HQ into trouble will eliminate your chance to get the reward.

Go get ’em, Ranger!