At the end of the Summer of 1903, the Monsters of the Black Acre Farm presented Baron Davis with a series of gifts; leaves gathered from the Isherwyrm tree were sewn into his denim overalls representing the aid and friendship that he had given each of them. Every leaf represented the Spirit of the individual, and the bond to each other, the farm, and Obscuria.

Over time, the leaves decayed, but the friendships did not. 

Tanta Tena, a local Witch, replaced each leaf with a cloth patch, sewn by hand. Baron loved them, as they were colorful and symbolic of all of his friends. Because the leaves were originally 6 sided, the patches were made in an hexagonal shape to match.

In 1904 Baron wanted a way to reward his new Monster Scouts; he asked Tena and the Conjure Guard to develop more “Spirit Badges” after the ones on his overalls.

The Guard infused power and protection into the hexes, and presented them to Baron, who was understandably delighted.

Since then, Spirit Badges have become a Monster Scouts tradition; they are awarded to Monster Scouts who have performed missions, good deeds, and assistance to HQ. Patron Badges are collected and displayed proudly by Scouts to demonstrate what kinds of skills they might have, Monsters they associate with, or hobbies they enjoy.

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