The Secret Rangers are simply Rangers in real life… hidden among the Nodds but showing enough of our Colors that they are recognized by others in the know. They are “Rangers Incognito.”

Any Monster Ranger in real life situations, is a Secret Ranger.


  • “Incogs”

Most Secret Rangers

  • Keep it secret, keep it safe
  • Have another real Branch affiliation
  • Can’t go about in full uniform all the time
  • Use their satchel to let other Rangers know
  • Carry cards or fliers to help spread the word

Some Secret Rangers

  • Keep it subtle
  • Keep it less subtle


  • Satchel
  • A few well-placed Spirit Badges
  • An orange bandana
  • Cards, Mission media, flyers


Only that the the Rangers are resourceful.


The Secret Rangers don’t require leadership; they’re simply Rangers incognito.

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