The Conjure Guard our the mystic protectors of our order, and have been since the beginning. They focus on “Witch Stitches,” a systematic warding system – utilizing thread and needle – that draws upon the power of nature, intent, and our connection to one another.


  • “The Guard”
  • “BlackHats”

Most Conjure Guard

  • Know that we are deeply linked with one another – like thread
  • Can understand the language of trees
  • Keep detailed Stitch Witch handbooks
  • Have an affinity for black bats and cats
  • Enjoy the mysteries of life

Some Conjure Guard

  • Are excellent cooks
  • Live alone in the forest in cute little shacks
  • Know that monsters have magic of their own
  • Live in threes in cozy yurts
  • Know that our enemy (Monsterologists) employ Warlocks of their own

Standard Gear

  • Uniform Shirt
  • A warlock/witch hat (your choice)
  • A capelet or mantle (Brown, Orange, Purple, Black)
  • A bag of cantrip components
  • A familiar
  • Long gloves
  • A small box of crystalized Aethir
  • Thread, Needle, and Cloth


The current Regent is Mr. Devlin Archer Hawthorne III.


The Conjure Guard was founded by the work of Tanta Tena, who gave Baron Davis her collection of Witch Stitch books.

The Guard was formed Lady Druusa Gale, a Witch of unreasonable power who all agree wielded it with thought, care, and love.

Conjure Guard Pin


The base of the uniform is the same as all rangers. The grey scout shirt and the iconic orange neckerchief. Aside from that, the Conjure Guard wear black gloves, a magical hat of their choosing, and a small cloak, mantle, or capelet. The capelet can be colored Brown, Orange, Purple, or Black… though other colors have been seen in our ranks.

Each color can sometimes represent the interests and personality of the WITCH or WARLOCK:

ORANGE – Spirited, go-getter, loyal, fun – often leaders. Inspiring Magics.
BLACK – Introverted, studious, intelligent, quiet, peculiar, loner, dark humor. Darker Magics.
PURPLE – Quizzical, playful, prankster, talented, funny, risk-taker. Wilder Magics.
BROWN –  Down to earth, practical, dependable, robust – good common-sense. Principled Magics.

These do not spell out the ONLY facets of a Conjure Guard Ranger, as they are complicated creatures, each with their own personal quirks and noble intentions.

One of the practices of the conjure guard is the art of  WITCH STITCHES.

This arcane practice infuses the capelet with its mystical might. It entails using special thread to stitch glyphs and sigils onto the Capelet that provide certain benefits like protection from Scrying, sympathetic magic, and detection by those with less than savory intent. The magic is always protective in nature, and is never used to cause harm.

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