Monster Rangers International (circa 1903) also owns the nation’s first shipping company, “Cargo Tiger”. It was started as a way to transport monsters, supplies and Ranger gear across the patchwork road system of the United States.

Cargo Tiger also moves packages for a fee, and has a fleet of 27 dented shipping trucks, 88 mule drawn wagons, and a single steam engine, which leases access to existing rail lines. Cargo Tiger has managed to turn a modest profit in the 3 years it’s been in business. In fact, it’s the only true source of funding for the Monster Rangers.

Most employees of Cargo Tiger are actually Rangers, as good help is hard to find.


  • “Tiger”
  • “Cargo Cat”
  • “Orangers”

Most Cargo Tigers

  • Can lift crates of 50 pounds or more
  • Are Monster Rangers
  • Are hard working
  • Enjoy traveling across the country
  • Are very adaptable
  • Can seem gruff from months of travel
  • Are toughies, and can scrap with the best of them

Some Cargo Tigers

  • Have a poor sense of direction
  • Are really just hobos who joined
  • Are in packages, being shipped
  • Hate traveling and fantasize about staying in one place for a while


  • Orange coveralls
  • Clip board & Pencil
  • Packages to deliver
  • Orange hat
  • Cargo Tiger emblem patch


Cargo Tiger doesn’t have a Resource, per se, though they can travel about freely.

Pick One:

  • Satchel with Patches
  • Sash with Patches
  • Highwayman coat with sleeve Patches


Cargo Tiger is lead by Cecil Sugarbeef, a genius of operations management.


Cargo Tiger Exclusive Print

Cargo Tiger Patch

Cargo Tiger Manifest PDF

You can use this PDF for a variety of things:

  • Shopping list
  • Roleplaying game handout
  • Live Action Monster Rangers Game prop
  • A branded note to give somebody
  • Confuse the NODDS!