Your Mission is simple: Put together a team of 3-5 Monster Rangers, and attend an event in uniform, promoting our community.

You can do this Mission ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

This is an Order of Obscuria Exclusive Mission; you must be a Member of the Order to complete it.

How to Get Started

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  1. Get a good-looking, formal uniform together. (Any Branch.)
  2. Gather together a team of 3-5 other Rangers (strangers or friends)
  3. Order some free fliers from the store.
  4. Attend a the event!
  5. When someone ASKS “what this is about” hand them a card or brochure.
  6. Repeat[/pms-restrict]


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  • You must be an active Member of the Order of Obscuria.
  • You must be wearing a quality, formal uniform
  • You must spend 1 day at the event in uniform
  • It must be at least 3 folks – all in Monster Rangers uniform
  • You must take photos of your team in action. (Before photo, after photo, and some photos of team members interacting with the public.)

IMPORTANT: You must NOT stand around and hand out flyers. If we get complaints from the event, you team will forfeit your rewards. You may hand out a card/flyer when someone asks for more information.


Remember: your overall goal isn’t to “give away all of the cards to as many people as possible” it’s to “interest folks in learning more and maybe becoming a Monster Rangers. It’s much better to soft-sell, than it is to be loud and annoying.

You represent our community, so be polite and respectful.

What kind of Events?

Anywhere you think geek/nerd/outdoors kinds of folks might attend.

  • Comic/Anime/Game Conventions
  • Outdoor events
  • Parades
  • Film Festivals
  • Art Fests
  • First Friday Art Walks
  • Horror Cons
  • …and anywhere else that makes sense to you[/pms-restrict]

Those of you who complete the mission will receive a Field Agent Badge:

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Submit your success, here.

Make sure that you include the mailing address for each of the members, along with their names. (They should be in the photos.)


Go get ’em, Ranger!