The Rangers are the core branch of the Monster Rangers. They can identify, catalog, and track most of the known monsters that walk on land.


  • “Danger Rangers”
  • “Dapper Mappers”

Most Rangers

  • Are determined and of tough mental fortitude
  • Are fantastic trackers.
  • Enjoy getting up early, and seeing the sun rise
  • Go on Vision Quests once per year to commune with nature
  • Destroy Monsterologist traps when encountered
  • Make great maps
  • Do not make good Psychics

Some Rangers

  • Have wrestled an Owlbear
  • Seek PlugUglies to harass


  • Uniform Shirt
  • Campaign Hat
  • Hiking boots
  • Whistle
  • Doom Twine
  • Peril Chain
  • Tracking notebook
  • Trail maps


The current leader of the Rangers is Captain “Pickel” Martinez.


The Rangers were founded in 1906 by Gleeson Rhex Billhook, an ex-trapper and military man. He brought order and a systematic cataloging system to the Rangers, so that they could share their monster-knowledge with the rest of us.