Please do not attempt to join up just yet. We’re still building stuff so that you actually HAVE some benefit to subscribe. Hang in there… we want you to join… just not until January 1st.

You are invited to join THE ORDER OF OBSCURIA – the exclusive and secret society of the MONSTER RANGERS.

The OOO (a.k.a., “THE ORDER,” “the Os,” “the ORDER OF OBSCURIA”) conveys honor, status, and special BENEFITS for MEMBERSHIP.

  • More influence on the direction of the MONSTER RANGERS, and the ORDER itself
  • Access to new OOO MISSIONS
  • A chance to purchase OOO exclusive spirit badges, patches, shirts, and products
  • Access to educational film-strips:
    • Witch Stitching How-Tos
    • Miniature Painting and Modeling
    • Art Classes
    • Crafting Tips and Projects
    • RPG and Gamemastering tips
    • Exclusive expanded uniform guides
    • Behind-the-scenes footage of STEAM CROW HQ at work
  • Monster Commute comic strips
  • With enough support: CALLING ALL MONSTER RANGERS Podcast

…AND MORE, as you tell us what you are interested in.

While THE ORDER shares all of the goals of the MONSTER RANGERS (Believe, Study, Protect our Monster Friends), it is an ENHANCEMENT (not a deviation) of the Core MONSTER RANGERS Program.

THE ORDER allows STEAM CROW HQ to spend more energy directly on the MONSTER RANGERS PROGRAM: events, stories, exploration of OBSCURIA, artwork and MONSTRO CAMPS… and less time locked in travel to distant comic conventions.

Monthly MEMBERSHIP DUES will vary by level, and can be adjusted and canceled at any time.

Thus far, the MONSTER RANGERS PROGRAM has been entirely funded by gear and product sales; while this has been fruitful, it also keeps Steam Crow HQ focused almost entirely on creating and selling such products, and less time exploring Obscuria, developing the RANGERSVERSE and communing with YOU.

  • The continuation of our movement
  • Development of the Monster Rangersverse
    • Obscuria
    • Monsters
    • Legends and Lore
    • Missions
    • Spirit Badges
  • An OOO Exclusive Member Event
  • Administration of the Club/Community
    • Mission Fulfillment Requests
    • Assisting Members when they need help
    • Website hosting and development
  • Less travel by your Steam Crow HQ Team, and more time creating

Exclusive Chevron

The Order: LEVEL ONE – $7 Per Month

LEVEL ONE of the ORDER grants access to the basic Monster Rangers online content, and opens the doors to more of your feedback. THANK YOU!

  • Official ORDER OF OBSCURIA Membership Kit with Membership card, members-only button, Membership Certificate & more! (Kit will arrive after 6 months of membership at this level)
  • Access to OOO-only events, goodies, updates & more!
  • VIDEO: Get access to private videos of Witch Stitching Lessons, GM RPG Tips, Monster Commute Comics, POPSODACOLA reviews, information about Ranger news, upcoming events, behind the scenes stuff, and whatever else we can cook up.
  • Monster Rangers Jr. Monthly Activity Sheet (PDF download)
  • Exclusive Missions for the ORDER OF OBSCURIA! Only Members are eligible to complete them and earn free badges.
  • Branch Expansions (Content, uniform guides, art, lore, etc.) (1 new one per month)
  • Branch Flag Templates – pdfs (1 updated per month until every Branch is complete.)
  • 7 new Obscurian Holidays to celebrate

founder patch

The Order: LEVEL TWO: BADGE OF THE MONTH – $25 Per Month

All previous level benefits, plus:

  • The first 200 ORDER MEMBERS (total) will receive the FOUNDER Patch.
  • 1 Exclusive OOO Spirit Badge sent to you, monthly.
  • Montalk Code Font (truetype) Download
  • A (1) hand-written note from Baron Davis, Marrow Thatch or some other soul from our lore
  • A Weenhallow Holiday Card
  • Direct feedback; help us improve the Monster Rangers
  • …and other odd and interesting things that we think of


All previous level benefits, plus:

  • Once per month you’ll be sent a package with some strange creation – be it a relic from the Monster Rangers past, an odd letter, a drawing, a piece of art… who knows. But it will be made by Daniel and/or Dawna, and it’ll be Rangers-special.

The Order: LEVEL FOUR: ADVISORY BOARD – $200 Per Month

All previous level benefits, plus:

    • You will be listed on our website as a Member of the Monster Rangers Advisory Board
    • Yearly Advisory Board Retreat. Remain a member of the Advisory Board for a year and you’ll be invited to an exclusive Camp at a secret location for Advisory Board Members only. We’ll choose a great destination, and a special guest or two, and spend the night with secret ceremonies. We’ll even feed you, you just have to show up.
  • Free ticket to WeenHallow, every Monstro Camp and event that we host, while you’re a Member.
  • Direct feedback; help us improve the Monster Rangers


  • - $200 / 1 Month
    Join the Advisory Board!
    - $75 / 1 Month
    Mystery of the Month - Once per month you’ll be sent a package with some strange creation + all previous level benefits.
    - $25 / 1 Month
    The ORDER: LEVEL TWO: Badge of the Month + all previous level benefits.
    - $7 / 1 Month
    LEVEL ONE of the ORDER grants access to the basic Monster Rangers online content & Membership Kit.
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  • Our goal is to make this worthwhile for you
  • Each Level’s Plan lasts for 30 days from the date that you sign up. It’s weird, but that’s how our system works.
  • All plans are set for auto renewal; you can cancel or upgrade by the 3rd of every month. (That way you don’t cancel and we send you physical rewards anyway.)
  • Each monthly payment entitles you to one Month of physical benefits for that level (if it has them), even if it overlaps 2 months.
    • For example: Karl signs up on February 4th; he will get any physical February benefits (if his level has them) sent in early March. His web access to OOO content will last until March 26th.
    • Karla signs up on February 28th; she will have her February physical benefits sent in early March. Her web access to OOO content will last until March 29th. If she cancels before the March cutoff, she will miss out of the March physical benefits.
  • still working on this…