The Scare Force is our premier sky fighting unit, scanning the horizon from their trusty biplanes and dirigibles. They know the most about avian beasts and weather, and no soul questions their bravery or daring.


  • “Wingers”
  • “Wings”
  • “The Bats”

Most Scare Force Officers

  • Are brave
  • Drive fast or faster
  • Are daredevils
  • Like taking chances
  • Are as sharp as a knife

Some Scare Force Officers

  • Are calculated strategists
  • Die horribly in biplane accidents
  • Go a little barmy with the stresses of their job
  • Are incessent risk-seekers


  • Uniform Shirt
  • Goggles
  • Pilot’s helmet
  • Pilot Wings
  • Orange scarf
  • Oxygen mask
  • Jet packs & fuel cans
  • Sky-Boots
  • Pilot’s jacket


The Scare Force is headed by Captain Phillip Toro, out of Topeka, Kansas.


The Scare Force was founded by Captain Jeer Zylik; she was considered the fastest flyer in the whole Force. Fighting Monsterologist Doomwings, she is believe to have been shot down and died somewhere in the Alps.

Dry Goods

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