There are a number of Obscurian Holidays that are now celebrated by the Monster Rangers. Many come from the various and rich monstrous cultures of the land, while others seep in directly directly from the Monstru motherland.

These are simply our discoveries thusfar; others will likely be uncovered in the future.

January 2: Stitchenwoot [stich-EN-woot]

A day to sew in protective stitches into the uniform, bandana, tent, and/or furniture of loved ones. It is also the traditional day to give Conjure Guard gifts of thread, new needles, and fine fabrics.

January 20: Baron Davis Day [barun-day-vis day]

Our annual celebration of the co-founder of the Monster Rangers, and leader, Baron Davis. It’s a good day to read some of his writings, sing the Baron Davis Anthem, and to pour some ale/wine/soda on the ground, hoping that it will somehow make it to him in Monstru. (May he Monstru in Peace.)

January 27: Gruntsloff [GRUNT-sloff]

A trolla drinking game from the region of Vollvott, where adult Trolla challenge each other to drink different substances. Could be Trolla Grogg, could be pond water or some other mysterious liquid. Most often introduced to Acolyte Rangers at Boot Camp.

February 23: Bellygaw [bell-EEE-gaw]

A feast day where friends and neighbors gather round the fire and eat a feast in celebration of the survival of the worst part of Winter. Root stews, stuffings and pot pies are favored.

February 29: Doomenmimen [doom-en-mym-en]

A day to celebrate Officer 13, the official Doom Mime. It is a day to repaint the armored mask, wipe down the baton, and to a give nice gift to the Doom Mime in all of our lives… so he won’t hurt us.

March 3: Horncap [horn-cap]

We celebrate all Monsters on this day by wearing hats, helmets and other headwear festooned with horns. Chocolate, small packets of nuts, and jerky is given to Monster friends.

April 1: Liesglaite [leyes-glait]

Crows love to play practical jokes on one another, but on Liesglaite Rangers attempt to tell innocent (but outlandish) tales to each other in an effort to get others to believe in them.[/pms-restrict]

June 22: Marrowsday [mare-ohs-day]

The day that we celebrate Marrow Thatch, and Mechans of all sorts. Odds give gifts of small oil vials to one another, or a small tool. (Traditionally a wrench or screwdriver.) Clocktalkers often offer to fix something for a good friend, on this day.

July 22: Steam Crow Day [steem-crow-day]

Celebration of the restoration of the Steam Crow HQ, and the modern era of the Monster Rangers. On this date in 2004, Daniel and Dawna Davis began the long journey to discover Steam Crow (named after Marrow) and bring back the Rangers program after being absent for 86 long years. Monster Rangers give Steam Crow gifts to one another, in celebration!

August 7: Perilbrek [per-ill-brek]

A remembrance of Monster freedom day, where the creatures escaped the peril of the Crow Queen. Folks fast all day, and have a small bowl of porridge or broth for supper, while remembering those we have lost. Over time, the tradition has become a bit less gloomy, and Rangers gather together to eat hearty soups.

September 3: Briarthil [bry-arr-thill]

A day for the Ranger Core to go out and clear trails, fix bridges, knit tents, and repair structures in the Wilds. It is a day of LABOR, but when folks return they are met with a warm meal, and hearty friendship over a good day’s deeds. It has become a day that Rangers go over their camp gear, making sure things are in proper order.

October 20-31: Weenhallow [ween-hal-oh]

A day where Monsters cast an Imagine8 charm on themselves and walk the streets of Manlings begging for treats at every door. Rangers often go on Protection Patrol along with them, watching the monsters gather large bags of candy. The dates shift every year, though it’s usually on a Saturday.

October 39: Doorstup [dore-stup]

Small pies (both savory and sweet) are placed on the front porches of Monster or Ranger, for them to enjoy. From the Grephlin region.

November 10: Vatch-mull [vah-tch-mull]

The freak blizzard Vatch is remembered as the mightiest storm to ever attack Obscuria, certainly believed to be the sorcery of the Crow Queen and her devious Court. On this day, Monster Rangers wear a red mitten or glove on their left hand, in remembrance of the chill that lasted an entire year. It’s a good reminder to stockpile firewood.

December 9: Gurglecup [gur-gull-cup]

Share a cup of your favorite brew (spiced cider, tea, or grog) with your Party. Eat delicious little snacks, laugh, and play games until late into the night. (An original Monster Rangers tradition, now practiced by many beasts.)