As the Monster Rangers grew in the early 1900’s, some “problems” emerged as the newfound movement was catching the attention of the various Monsterology societies that littered the Old World.

It seems that Monsterologist Agents, in the guise of Acolyte Monster Rangers, were infiltrating the organization and revealing sensitive information about Monster Rangers activities, objectives, and Dark Librarian data-scrolls.

Some of the information leaked the locations of Rangers secret bases, hidden radio broadcast towers and the locations of various beasts and their habitats.

Over time, trouble began to fester within the Ranger ranks.


In May of 1908, the only known Geltch town of Silldrop was systematically plundered, with hundreds of the little beasts interned and sold on the “Green Market”. The Geltch, considered by most to be the most peaceful of creatures, were stripped of their luxurious pelts and were rendered into scarves, pillow covers, and long fur coats. (Attempts to rescue the creatures were not fruitful, and today most Dark Librarians sadly considered them to be extinct.)

Strangely, PlugUglies were found in increasing numbers in the towns outside of established Monster Ranger bases. The peanut cannery town of Echewy had several run-ins between Plugs and Rangers, which was just 10 miles from Camp Blather Bootcamp, and resulted in unfortunate local chaos and destruction.

Rangers Numbers Station “GV-141” mysteriously exploded, leading to the deaths of 3 Signal Rangers, 3 Conjure Guard broadcast warlocks, and 1 Psychic. Not so coincidentally, the area was soon stripped of it’s Voonfeeth population, the only evidence remaining were some of the forgotten traps with the “BLAPPO” brand markings.

News of this infuriated Baron; he instituted a more strict Acolyte application screening process, and attempted to weed out these agents personally through unconventional in-person interviewing methods. His initial efforts failed, in part due to his limited time, energy, and idiosyncratic methods involving elaborate riddles, Chinese finger-traps, and bourbon.

In the spring of 1909 Blackwing spyplanes were spotted circling over a number of “secret” bases, leading to an air of dread for the Monster Rangers movement. While they were chased off by the ragtag Scareforce aircraft, the black biplanes returned all-too-soon.

May 1909 a Cargo Tiger caravan was robbed at gunpoint by a contingent of Monsterology brigands, robbed of their beastial cargo, and then unceremoniously gunned down. Only 1 Crow managed to escape alive through his expert subterfuge.

No one knew how the Monsterologists were getting their information, but it was clearly working.


During the 1st annual summer picnic, Baron was introduced to a young woman by the name of Segrit Hawthorne. Segrit, it turns out, had the gift of Psychic Abilities which impressed Baron. With one sneeze during the picnic she is said to have bent every spoon in the HQ camp (under construction at this point) and could “guess” the birthdate (to the hour) of most Acolyte Rangers with little effort. Attempts of reading Baron she said, were both “baffling” and “incomprehensible.” The two did form a fast friendship.

Segrit was quickly drafted into the newly formed Psychics by founder Drathe Drakeworm, learning his strict psychal methodology. She quickly rose up the ranks, but had a number of philosophical conflicts with Drakeworm, as her approach was less disciplined than his, and more bound to her natural empathic talent.

August 28th, 1910, 30 Monsterologist Agents staged an assassination attempt on Marrow Thatch, while he was leading an Acolyte hike in the hills surrounding Camp Ravoon. While 7 of the Acolytes were killed, Marrow survived with minor bullet-holes through is steel shell. The normally jovial Marrow moved from simmering rage to a floundering depression, which lasted the rest of the summer.

This was a breaking-point for Baron; he finally moved to create the Doom Mimes, a secret-police of the “best-of-the-best” Rangers with the directive to root out the Monsterologist plague that infected the organization. Segrit Hawthorne was asked to assemble the first 13 Mimes troupes, each drawn from different branches, but leaning heavily on Psychic Ranger enrollment. Each Mime wore a badge and an armored mask, intended to both to deflect bullets and shroud the Ranger’s personal identity.

Operation “Pale Hand” was immediately effective, culling 15 Monsterologist Agents out of Headquarters alone. Their subsequent interrogation revealed many secrets about the Monsterology Organization, and caused the upheaval and reorganization of all field agents and camps.

Within 6 months, the Doom Mimes had extracted over 300 agents from the Ranger ranks, though it did result in chaos and difficulty for some time.

Camp Trollok was destroyed in the firefight between Doom Mimes and PlugUgly agents, Radiobase 161 broadcast Monsterologist propaganda for 96 hours before being cut-off, and too many Rangers were killed in the subsequent fracas.

However, the initial Monsterologist intrusion was thwarted.

1911 – The Order of Obscuria

Baron Davis, now somewhat relieved of “the invasion” decided to go on the offensive. He invited a circle of his closest and most trusted friends in the Monster Rangers to form the “Order of Obscuria”; a group dedicated to protecting the monster world with active missions and objectives.

The first Order of Obscuria included:

  • Baron Davis
  • Marrow Thatch
  • Elva Troy
  • Stella Auditar
  • H. Lovecraft
  • Ira Troy
  • Klovis Munzel
  • Hazel Grail
  • Drathe Drakeworm
  • Segrit Hawthorne

The OoO Oath Song

They sang the following Oath on the steps of the Steam Crow Headquarters:

Hail Hail
We shall Protect the Veil
We Monster Rangers
Defend Our Trail

Brothers and Sisters
Fighting Tooth and Nail
Come One, Come All
We Shall Not Fail

Secrets Kept
It is our Law
Hear the Glory
Of Our Great Caw!

Brothers and Sisters
Fighting Tooth and Nail
Protect Our Order
We’re Never for Sale

Hail Hail
We shall protect the Veil
We Monster Rangers
Defend Our Trail

We Monster Rangers
Defend The Veil

Come One, Come All
We Shall Not Fail



From 1912 on, the Order of Obscuria became the Special Forces of the Monster Rangers, going on a variety of adventures on behalf of the monsters of Obscuria against the vile workings of Monsterology.

Some were lost along the way, and many of their deeds will never be known, but all can agree that the Order was actively combating the enemy on many fronts.

Once the Great War was underway in Europe the Order of Obscuria (sans Marrow) lead the brave Monster Troops into battle against the Axis.

But that is another tale for another day.

Do you have what it takes to JOIN the ORDER OF OBSCURIA?