Rangers, we need to discover new folks!

Your Mission is simple: post this flyer publically.

How to Get Started

  1. Download this weird Lost Cat poster
  2. Print it out. (Bonus: use colored paper and/or crinkle it up)
  3. Cut the tear tags at the bottom (with scissors) so folks can easily take one
  4. Post it in a public place (ask for permission) that creative/interesting people frequent
  5. Must be in DIFFERENT locations than Mission #1 recruitment posters were posted
  6. Photograph your evidence

Where To Post

  • College campus board
  • Coffee shop bulletin board
  • Workplace break room
  • Comic book shop
  • Comic convention freebie table
  • Your roommate’s door
  • Your mailbox
  • Bar band flyer area

How Many

As many as you can; at least 5 high traffic areas are required. The Spirit of this Mission is to reach OUR kind of people, the more the better. Think of cool places that interesting people frequent.


  • Get permission to post/give away flier(s) first
  • Cut the bottom tear strips with scissors so they can be pulled off
  • Document your postings. (Time, location)
  • Photograph your fliers up
  • Submit your success (only when complete)

Remember, we’re looking for effectiveness.

Report your success here! (Send us a link to your photo evidence.)

Those of you who put this into 5 or more different locations will be rewarded with a real Monster Talker Badge:

Caveat: Do not get us into trouble – ask for permission first before posting fliers on private property. Getting the Rangers into trouble will eliminate your chance to get the reward.

Go get ’em, Ranger!



Mission 8 Flyer Graphic