The Skull Rangers are an ancient sect of Monster Rangers, that predate our organization by at least 500 years.

Founded by Joh Woefix, the Skull Rangers are concerned with the care and feeding of our Bloodless (undead) friends: the Haunts, Embalma, Vampires, and even the horrid Rotters – who remain un-redeemable.

Skull Rangers are known to frequent cemeteries, battlefields and memorials in an effort to assist and befriend the departed.


  • “Skulls”
  • “the Deads”
  • “Wode”

Most Skull Rangers

  • Are introverts
  • Like peace and quiet
  • Enjoy Bloodless company more than Manlings
  • Only wear black
  • Smell like earth
  • See beauty in death

Some Skull Rangers

  • Travel the world looking for Bloodless to assist
  • Listen to Bauhaus
  • Hide their true identities
  • Write dark poetry
  • Find friends in the living
  • See beauty in life


  • Black Cloak
  • Skeleton shirt and britches
  • Deathmask or facepaint depicting a Skull
  • A spade or folding shovel
  • Haunt candy
  • Vial of “Near-Blood” by Blappo
  • Tin of Drakuuls Replacement Fangs


Skull Rangers are most likely to find Thyr Crystals in the graveyards and ancient ruins that they haunt. This is very desirable to Conjure Guard, Psychic Rangers, and Monster Medics.

Archive Photo

Joh Woefix

The original Skull Ranger, Joh Woefix.

The Rotter Problem

With the onslaught of World War One, the Skull Rangers had a new problem; how to deal with the Axis-created Rotters? While certainly undead, the Rotters never responded to any of the help or enchantments of the Skull Rangers, and more Rangers died than can be counted in an effort to redeem them to our ranks.

The hard work of the Skull Rangers continues to this day.

Note: Joh Woefix continues to lead the Skull Rangers on a day-to-day basis.

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