The Signal Rangers are the messengers and protectors of “Old Orange,” our pennant. They lead Calamity Parades, give tours, and generally shine our colors far and wide.

The Signal Rangers lead our Banner ceremonies, and give New Ranger tours at MONSTRO CAMPS. They also team up with Conjure Guard members to form “Radiomancer” teams to broadcast “the signal” of Orders, instructions to Rangers in the field.


  • “the Bannermen/Bannerwomen”
  • “Flags”

Most Signal Rangers

  • Are outgoing and friendly
  • Own several Calamity Flags, in various sizes
  • Know how to signal and send messages to each other with the wave of a flag
  • Have excellent people skills

Some Signal Rangers

  • Sew large banners to be flown at events
  • Learn how to fly Pennant Kites, and utilize them at events.
  • Are members of Flag Guard Patrols
  • Help others learn flag-craft
  • Are experts at the new-fangled technology of “the Radio”


  • Uniform Shirt
  • Facemask (Grey for rank and file; Orange for leaders)
  • At least two Calamity Flags (Telescoping is ideal)
  • A luck parasol for inclement weather


The Signal Rangers are currently lead by Pennantmaster Stephen Carpenter.


The first Signal Ranger was Ivan Kularak, a Trolla flag-bearer of much energy and grit. He was said to carry the largest Calamity flags ever seen; his tallest banner pole was over 19 ft tall!

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