There are a vast number of Spirit Badges that are available to Monster Rangers. Some can be purchased and others can be earned by completing Missions.

The Crony Relic Badge
The Tree Beast Spirit Badge
The Medusa Patch
The Fly Spirit Badge
The Eyeball Familiar Spirit Badge
Anchor Badge
The Anchor Spirit Badge
Jackalope Patch
The Jackalope Badge
Wild Racoonalope
The Wild Raccoon Badge
Badge Xmas Skull
The X-Mas Skull Spirit Badge.
Camp Haunt Patch
The Camp Haunt Patch 19
Martini Badge
The Martini Spirit Badge
Monster Rangers Flag Patch
The Monster Rangers Flag Patch
Goblin Post Patch
The Goblin Post Patch
Krampus 2018 Badge
The Krampus 18 Kickstarter Spirit Badge
Krampus 2020 Badge
The Krampus 2020 Spirit Badge
Founder Patch
The Founder Patch
The Egg Spirit Badge
8 Ball Spirit Badge
The 8 Ball Spirit Badge
The Lucky Spirit Badge
The Calamity Flag Patch
The Illuminati Spirit Badge
The Rocket Fist Spirit Badge
The Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge
The Doom Gloom Spirit Badge
Coffee Pot Spirit Badge
The Coffe Pot Spirit Badge
The Feratu Snack Spirit Badge
Bear Ghost Badge
The Bear Ghost Spirit Badge
The CAW! Spirit Badge
Cyclops Spirit Badge
The Cyclops Spirit Badge
Doublecrow Kickstarter Reward Badge
The Doublecrow 19 Kickstarter Spirit Badge
The Pet Spirit Badge
The Fight Evil by Moonlight Patch
The Ghostsmile Spirit Badge
A badge for Rangers Wolfers!
A badge for Rangers who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.
The Bride Patch
The d20 Spirit Badge
The Treat Cat Spirit Badge
The Trick Bat Spirit Badge
The Thank You Spirit Badge
The Fail Happy Spirit Badge.
The Kaiku Kid Patch
The Not Today Patch
A Monster Rangers Stompy Emblem Patch
The Krampus Bell Spirit Badge.
The Field Agent Badge is for Rangers who march around events in a little team, waiting for folks to ask
The Missing Letter Virtual Reward
The Codex Collector Spirit Badge.
The Bat Spirit Badge.
The Mind Games Spirit Badge
The Zombie Spirit Badge.
The Plastic Fangs Spirit Badge.
The Skull n Bones Spirit Badge.
The Cook Spirit Badge.
The Monster Rangers Skull Spirit Badge.
The Corn Star Spirit Badge.
The Gob Chef Spirit Badge.
The Chef Minotaur Spirit Badge.
The Doom Cherry Spirit Badge.
The Chicken Spirit Badge.
The Waffle Spirit Badge.
The Skull Bowl Badge.
The Cauldron Badge.
The Cursed Badge.
Pie Badge
The Pie Badge.
Red Doublecrow Kickstarter badge
The Red Doublecrow 2018 Spirit Badge
The Nux Badge.
The Yokai Branch Patch
A badge to show your PRIDE.
Swampy Monstro Camp Exclusive Badge
A Monster Rangers Hex Patch
A badge for Ghost Beers!
A badge for Monster Rangers with a love for the beard.
A badge for Monster Rangers with a heart of black.
A badge for Monster Rangers who TIKI!
A badge for Rangers who SCIENCE!
A badge for Rangers who SCIENCE!
A badge for Rangers to honor their mentors.
A badge for Rangers who are part of the secret society of Taco eaters.
A Goodbye badge for Rangers who don't speak, or who use Speaking Skull Spirit Boards.
A NO badge for Rangers who don't speak, or who use Speaking Skull Spirit Boards.
A YES badge for Rangers who don't speak, or who use Speaking Skull Spirit Boards.
A badge for Rangers who like the night.
A badge for Rangers who know about the secrets of the deep seas.
The Clocktalker Spirit Badge
Field Guide Badge
The Field Guide Badge is for Rangers who lead/teach at Monstro Camps.
Pyre Wood Badge
Pyre Wood is an earned badge that you get if you bring a full bundle of wood to Monstro Camp.
Monstro Camp 18
The Swampy Badge for our 2018 Monstro Camps
A badge for folks who love love camping, adventure, and their camp mug.
A badge for folks who love breakfast as much as Daniel does!
A badge that shows that you made a short film to share with the Monster Rangers.
Clownie Spirit Badge
A badge for folks who love clowns, or don't want to be eaten by a Clowna.
Design Badge
A badge for Designers and for folks who like Graphic Design.
A badge for Rangers who who attend our annual Jackoween party.
Black Bones 5
The Black Bones Spirit Badges are gifts for supporting our online store.
Krampus 3 Badge 2017
The Krampus 2017 Spirit Badge came with our KRAMPUS COLLECTION 3 Kickstarter.
Monster Talker Badge
A badge that shows that you completed the Lost Cat Mission #8.
You Found My Cat Okay Badge
The You Found My Cat Okay Spirit Badge is a small reward for folks brave enough to follow our weird
The Spork Spirit Badge
Platinum Vampire
The Platinum Vampire Membership Badge 2017
Golden Owlbear
Golden Owlbear Membership Badge 2017
Silver Sasquatch
Silver Sasquatch Spirit Badge
Copper Goblin
The 2017 Copper Goblin Membership Badge
Dark Librarian Core Patch
Signal Scouts Core
Signal Scouts Core Badge
Psychic Rangers Core Badge
Psychic Rangers Core Badge
Do Good in the Woods Patch
Cargo Tiger Patch
The Cargo Tiger Core badge
Monster Patch
A Monster Core Badge
The Clocktalker Core Patch
Doom Mimes
The Doom Mime Core Badge
Conjure Guard
The Conjure Guard Core Badge
Scare Force
The Scare Force Core Patch
Ranger Core Patch
A core patch for the Rangers.
White Crow 17
The White Crow 2017 Badge is for powerful Monster Rangers who help spread the word.
A Spirit Badge designed to remind you do get up and try to do more.
Wild Bison Badge
The Wild Badge reminds us to live a life less dull
Lanterna Badge
The Lanterna Badge means leadership and FIRE!
Dark Unicorn Badge
The Dark Unicorn Spirit Badge symbolizes the darker side of the Monster Rangers.
Blessed by Unicorns Badge
The Blessed by Unicorns badge probably harbors deep magic.
Saved by Sea Maidens
A badge for those who support the Sea Maidens.
Protect Badge
The badge about remembering to protect Monsters. But not Monsterologists.
Study Badge
The Study Badge is a helpful reminder to Monster Rangers young and old.
The Believe Spirit Badges if for all Monster Rangers who Believe in Monsters.
Bee Badge
The Bee Badge is for Monster Rangers who love and appreciate bees.
Raccoon Badge
The Raccoon badge honors Drunk-n-Raccoon, a handsome and highly-badged Monster Ranger.
We're Wolf Badge
The We're Wolf Spirit Badge signifies that you are a Skinwalker Monster Ranger.
Black Bones 4
The Black Bones Spirit Badges are gifts for supporting our online store.
Craft Champ Badge
The Craft Champ Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who like to make stuff... which is basically most Monster Rangers.
Potions Badge
The Potions badge is for Monster Rangers who are good at mixing concoctions and potions of many sorts.
Magic Badge
The Magic Badge is for Witches and Warlocks who practice and toy with the powers of Aethir.
Shindig 17 Badge
The Gorgon Badge for our Monster Camps of 2017
Crow Guide Badge
Crows are said to be able to lead folks back and forth from the Monster World of Monstru.
Surf Host Badge
The Surf Host Spirit Badge is offered to those fine folks who host the Steam Crow Crew on our various
Kline Redback
The Kline Redback VIRTUAL badge comes with the Kline Redback album, "I'm a Monster Too".
Krampus Badge 2016
The Krampus 2016 Spirit Badge came with our KRAMPUS COLLECTION 2 Kickstarter.
Conjure Guard Hat Badge
The Conjure Guard Hat badge is for fantastic and fanatical Conjure Guards
Goblin Boy Badge
The Goblin badge is a gift from Goblin himself. (Not for sale.)
Black Bones 3
The Black Bones 3 Badge is for folks who buy from, and support us in a large way.
Book Club
The Book Club badge is for Rangers who attend and participate at a Book Club Meeting.
Welcome Skull
The Welcome Skull Spirit Badge is for new Monster Rangers, recruited with the code from our tri-fold brochure.
Dawna Badge
The Dawna Spirit Badge is a gift from Dawna, herself.
Halloween Cat
The Halloween Cat Spirit Badge is for those Rangers who love Halloween.
Monster Scouts Emblem
The Monster Scouts emblem patch is the old, retired design. It's like an antique.
Deepsea Scouts Core
This is the Sea Scouts Core Patch. You can nest standard Spirit Badges beneath it, you salty dog.
Skull Scouts Core
The Skull Rangers are a obscure and oft hidden sect of Monster Rangers who serve and aid "Bloodless" creatures of
Dapper Drakuul
Sometimes a Vampire chips a tooth, a Monster doesn’t floss, or a Manling needs to flash some teeth; these faux
Candy Corn of Doom
A badge for Rangers who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.
Geocache Finder
This virtual Spirit Badge was found in a GeoCache, somewhere in the wilds.
Ranger Art Badge
A badge that shows that you made a piece of visual arts to share with the Monster Rangers.
See the truth
The "See the Truth" Spirit badge is all about the Monster Conspiracy; why do folks continue to cover-up that monsters
Gamer Badge
This Spirit Badge is for our Monster Ranger Gamers to show their colors!
Song Scout
The Scout Song badge is for Rangers who write and share a song about the Monster Rangers.
The Shutter Bug Badge is for Scouts who have taken up the new fangled-hobby of photography.
Sometimes Rangers have to blend into the world of the Nodds, and this Disguise Spirit Badge is where it's at.
Vegi Scout
The Vegi Rangers Badge is for those who eat of the plant.
Baker Badge
The Baker badge is for folks who like baked goods.
The Cloud Badge is for all Scouts who look to the sky, and see something more.
Scout Story Badge
The Scout Story Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who write and share the Scout Story Mission.
Fate Spirit Badge
Fate is in Your Hand badge is a reminder to steer your own life. This virtual badge only came with
Stay Odd
Stay Odd celebrates the Misfits that are you, me, and Steam Crow. This virtual badge only came with the Stay
Skeleton Key & Lock
Skeleton Key & Lock badge is all about the secret hidden behind that dusty old door! This virtual badge only
Creature Pete's Pool Care
Creature Pete's Pool Care badge is for those swampy creatures who love to swim! This virtual badge only comes with
Coffin Coffee
The Coffin Coffee Virtual Badge celebrates the dark brew of the Nosferatu: COFFEE! This virtual badge only comes with the
Abra Cadabra
The Abra Cadavera Virtual Badge celebrates magic, chalk circles, and the tools of the trade. This is a virtual badge
Stache Master
The Stache Master Spirit Badge celebrates the lip broom.
Labor Badge
The Labor Spirit badge is for Monster Rangers who know the value of hard work.
Monster Police
The Monster Police virtual badge is for folks who got the shirt from our online store.
Monster Medic Shirt
The Monster Medic Shirt virtual badge comes with the t-shirt, online only.
Charon Cab
The Charon Badge is a virtual one for Monster Rangers who own the Charon Cab shirt.
Pizza Paliden
A patron badge for the Pizza warrior in you!
Camp Pyre
Camp Pyre is a Patron Badge that symbolizes the fire of your passion, and comes with a match holder.
Shindig 16
SHINDIG 16 Spirit Badge is for Rangers who attended our 2016 SHINDIG camp out.
Marrow Medal
The Marrow Medal is the highest honor that a Monster Rangers can achieve.
Calamity Flag
The Calamity Badge is for Monster Scouts who participate in Calamity Parades.
Fan Fest Badge
A Spirit Badge commemorating the 2015 Phoenix Fan Fest
Tea Time
The Tea Time Patron Badge is for those who love tea!
Art Bat
The Art Bat Junior Spirit Badge is for collecting small pieces of art, like sketch cards.
The Spirit Badge that came with the 2015 Krampus Collection Kickstarter.
Danny Beard
A badge given out personally by Daniel. Don't ask for it, or you'll never get it.
Black Bones 2
The Black Bones 2 Badge is for Crows who support our online store with a purchase of $200 or more.
Black Bones 1
The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at
This badge only comes with the Monster Rangers bandana.
Black Bones Zero
The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at
Art Skull 3
Art Collector 3 Spirit Badges are for those who collect Steam Crow original art.
Art Skull 2
The Art Skull 2 Badge is for collector's of Steam Crow original art.
Art Skull
The Art Skull 1 is a badge for collectors of original Steam Crow art.
KlawBerry Talisman
The KlawBerry Talisman badge comes with the KlawBerry plushy talisman.
The Dark Librarian Spirit Badge comes when you purchase a full set of 5 Steam Crow books.
Relic Badge
The badge that comes with some "antique" Monster Rangers relics that come up from time to time.
The Pocket Ghost is a companion and Badge for Haunt friends.
Card Collector 1
The badge that comes with our Monster ID Card pack.
Imagine8 Badge
A spirit badge for those who Imagine8.
Tracker Badge
A Spirit Badge for Rangers who track Monsters.
Kickstarter 15 Double Crow
The Kickstarter 15 Double Badge is limited edition.
Redventure Badge
The Redventure Spirit Badge is for those Rangers who crave an undull life.
Crypto is the badge for those of us who believe in monsters!
The Psychic Scout badge is for Monster Scouts who see more than what is readily apparent.
Day of the Dead Badge
A Spirit Badge celebrating the Mexican Holiday.
Bad Sun
A Spirit Badge for those who know the truth about the SUN!
Super Genius
The Super Genius Spirit Badge shows that you're a smarty!
Nice Dice
The Nice Dice Spirit Badge supports the tradition of Monster Rangers fun and games.
San Antonio Troop
The Troop Badge for San Antonio, Texas.
LA Troop
This badge was made for our LA Rangers.
Denver Troop
The Troop Spirit Badge for Denver, Colorado.
San Diego Troop Badge
A troop badge for the San Diego Comic-Con.
Shout Scout '15
Earn a Shout Scout 15 badge by promoting our 2015 Crow Scouts Kickstarter.
Mystery Box Badg
The Mystery Box is a Patron badge for mysterious Crows.
Acolyte Badge
The Acolyte is a virtual badge earned by rubbing shoulders with Steam Crow and the Monster Rangers.
Doom Mime Badge
Doom Mime is a patronage badge for enthusiasts of the masque.
Monster Medic Badge
A patronage badge for Monster Medics.
Signal Ranger
A patron badge for the Signal Rangers.
Arbiter Badge
A patron badge for Rangers who strive to be their best.
Rally 1 Badge
A virtual badge for attending a Ranger Rally!
Hatter Badge
A virtual badge for picking up the Ranger Hat.
Authority Pin
Authority Crow Pin - for the hat or sash.
Spy Scouts Lapel Pin
Spy Scouts Lapel Pin
Villain Badge
A Patron badge for those who are just a little dangerous.
Wicked Specs
Wicked Specs badge is a patron badge only for Monster Rangers who wear glasses.
Print Collector 6
A badge for those who collect 6 big prints - all at once.
Print Collector 5
A badge for an individual purchase of 5 12x18 prints at one time - either at an event or at
Print Collector 4
A badge awarded to folks who buy 4 of our large prints at once. You have to ask for it.
Badge Anaheim Troop
A Patron badge for folks who visit Anaheim.
Type Badge
The Type Badge is a patron badge for Rangers who love fonts, type, and old typewriters.
Mogollon Monster Badge
The Mogollon Monster is a PHXCC patron badge.
Phoenix Troop Badge
A Patron badge for our Phoenix Rangers.
Seattle Troop Badge
The Patron badge for our Seattle Rangers.
No Stinkin Badge
You don't need no stinkin' badges, but you might like this patron badge.
Tucson Troop Badge
A patron Troop badge for our Brother and Sister Rangers of Tucson.
Badge Cephalo
Behold the Cephalobadge from the frothy deep sea!
Seattle Owlbear Badge Leather
A limited edition Patronage badge offered at the 2015 Emerald City Comicon.
Wondercon Watch Badge
A Patronage badge celebrating Alice in Wonderland.
Denver Yeti Badge
A Patronage badge celebrating our Denver, Colorado Monster Rangers.
PHXCC 2015 Badge
A patronage badge purchased at PHXCC 2015.
Fan Fest Badge
A commemorative badge created for the launch of the Rangers, at the Phoenix Fan Fest 2014.
Founder Badge
The Founder Badge is a limited edition of 100 badges, to the first Founder Scouts who get a official satchel.
Old Friend badge
The Old Friend Badge is for long-time supporters of Steam Crow.
Dapper Badge
Wear your Uniform and show your Colors!
Whistle Rangers Badge
The Whistle Rangers badge is earned when one acquires a Ranger's Whistle.
Monstrous Day Badge
Earn this badge by making someone's day less bad by wishing them a "Monstrous Day."
Word Blimp
Engage in our community here; reply in the forum. Say something. Be something.
Haunted Hand
Haunted Hand propaganda badge can be earned by posting fliers around town.
The Boon Badge is granted to a Steam Crow Scout when no other badge is the perfect fit.
Agent Bat Champions help spread word-of-mouth propaganda for Steam Crow.
Veteran Agent Bats are experienced at spreading Steam Crow word-of-mouth. Level 2 of 3.
Core Crow
The Core Crow Badge is the master insignia of our order; the other badges nest in beneath it's wings.
Crony 4
The Ancient Crony badge is for our most lauded assistants. It is the highest badge honor for our very best
A Forum Cat Badge is earned by all of use involved in the the Order. (And the online forum!)
Brewmaster Badge
Bring a drink to Dawna & Daniel at an Event, earn a BrewMaster Badge!
Earned when a Veteran Crony has continued to help us out on many projects/cons. Very rare. 3 of 4.
The Veteran Crony Badge is earned by helping SC multiple times; a serial contributor. Crony Jr. Badge is required.
Crony 1
The Crony Junior Badge is for minions who assist Steam Crow - in person, at shows, or even online.
Eye Bat Badge
The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.