We have only just begun to uncover the vast webs of Monsterology, and they go deep. In the 892 years since their inception, they’ve been busy establishing odd Fraternities, silent companies, and secret societies. While we may not know the full detail of their agenda, we can all agree that they are up to no good.

This list is not complete; keep your eyes and ears open, and report your discoveries to your local Dark Librarians.

  • The Blackwing Society – Pilots, daredevils and flight enthusiasts. House Steinlock, Germany.
  • REXOL Shipping Company – Shipping and seamanship. Company men/women, run by House Carillo.
  • The BLAPPO Corporation – A large manufacturing company responsible for a vast array of goods, including jaw-traps, canned meats, and biplanes. These products are largely considered second-rate quality, but always carry the BLAPPO trademark stamp. UNPROVEN
  • The Elders of Arcane  – Warlocks, founded by House Visconti, in Italy.
  • Chapter 77 – A close-knit circle of reputed occultists. (Psychics.)
  • The Gray Bank– Wealth and knowledge accrual. 
  • Order of the Black Antler – Hunters, trackers, foresters – only men. Founded by House Lasteyrie.
  • Whiteglove Services – Assassins, run by House Rothgilde, United Kingdom.
  • Information News Syndicate (INS) – A syndicate that controls 27% of the United States newspapers
  • Redhoods – An order of female-only monster hunters and trackers.