A variety of Arts & Crafts projects that you can do on your own, or with other Monster Rangers.

If you have a Rangers project that you’d like to share, please submit it here.

Dice Bag
By Kelsiekin I present my bag of Dedicated Implements of Clairvoyant Elucidation (D.I.C.E. ). Aside from some initial machine serging
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For the Month of October 2018, the Monster Rangers are hosting a drawing challenge; RANGERTOBER! Basically, we’re offering these drawing
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How to Patina Obscuros
Obscuros (kinda like “Euros”) are brass monster coins, and used by monsters as their money across all of Obscuria. They
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Pocket Ghost Tutorial
Pocket Ghost tutorial by Mthrcuttr (original steam crow bag ghost) supplies suggested: sharpie, scissors or other sharp cutting tool, milk/water
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Weathering Bandanas
When you first get one of our orange bandanas, they’re just a little too bright. But there’s a fix; STAIN
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Make A Ranger Sash
How to make a Monster Rangers Sash By Megan Joliff Average Measurements: Teen : 4″ wide x 62″ long Standard
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Witch Stitches
A gift from Tante Tena to Baron Davis in 1904, Witch Stitches are an ancient form of magic based on
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Krampumpkin Build
Our pal BeezleBub Ross (a talented illustrator in his own right) just created this FANTASTIC wall Krampus which he calls
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Calamity Flag Graphic
Calamity Flag Plans
The Calamity Flag is the core flag of the Monster Rangers! It is carried by members of every Branch, and
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