There is a world BEYOND our own vision perceived by the third eye where time and space are overlapped and the dead speak; this is the realm of the Psychic Rangers.

The BEYOND is yet another veil of Obscuria, pierced only by the Third Eye of the Psychic Ranger.

The Psychic Rangers serve the Order by helping psychic entities, defending us from Psychic attack, and providing clairvoyant services. Their supernatural sensory powers help our communication network, extend our Monster Rangers Radio signal, and aid HQ in solving difficult problems that no one else can fix.

They are both rare and vital in our Mission.

Motto: “Seeing is Believing”


  • “Eye”
  • “Cards”
  • “Seer”
  • “Psychers”

Most Psychic Rangers

  • Seem otherworldly
  • Have imaginary associates that aid them
  • Craft Fortuna Charms
  • Can read the future or past (though both are ever-changing)
  • Provide counseling services
  • Are quite theatrical
  • Throw annual Séance parties
  • Are very serious about their calling

Some Psychic Rangers

  • Are truly troubled by what they’ve seen
  • Get along well with Conjure Guard
  • Are feared by Sea Rangers
  • Completely lose their minds in the BEYOND
  • Hear the incessant whispering of everyone around them
  • Can’t stop channeling, poor souls


  • A velvet Fez
  • A fur cape
  • Various pins of protection
  • A few Tarot cards/decks
  • A crystal orb
  • Aluminum foil (for protection)
  • Various vials of scented oils


Psychic Rangers habitually create small paper Fortuna Charm (Tarot) cards, which they believe host a mote of psychic power (that many would call “luck”.)

Pick One:

  • Satchel with Patches
  • Sash with Patches
  • Cloak with Patches


The Psychic Rangers are lead by Lady Revenir, if you can find her. (Otherwise, Colonel Blackcoat is your man.)

Dry Goods

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