Conjure Guard

Conjure Guard

The Conjure Guard our the mystic protectors of our order, and have been since the beginning. They focus on “Witch Stitches,” a systematic warding system – utilizing thread and needle – that draws upon the power of nature, intent, and our connection to one another.


  • “The Guard”
  • “BlackHats”

Most Conjure Guard

  • Know that we are deeply linked with one another – like thread
  • Can understand the language of trees
  • Keep detailed Stitch Witch handbooks
  • Have an affinity for black bats and cats
  • Enjoy the mysteries of life

Some Conjure Guard

  • Are excellent cooks
  • Live alone in the forest in cute little shacks
  • Know that monsters
  • Live in threes in cozy yurts
  • Know that our enemy (Monsterologists) employ Warlocks of their own


  • Uniform Shirt
  • A warlock/witch hat (your choice)
  • A capelet or mantle (Brown: Basic. Orange: Adept. Purple: Regent.)
  • A bag of cantrip components
  • A familiar
  • Long gloves
  • A small box of crystalized Aethir


The current Regent is Mr. Devlin Archer Hawthorne III.


The Conjure Guard was begun by Lady Druusa Gale, a Witch of unreasonable power who all agree wielded it with thought, care, and love.

Conjure Guard Pinch



In regards to the Conjure guard ranks and uniforms:

The uniforms of the Conjure Guard serve multiple purposes. Not only do they serve to denote their place as members of the Monster Rangers, but like all witches (and other wielders of the arcane arts), they also provide an indication of rank in the guard as well as afford magical protection.

The base of the uniform is the same as all rangers. The grey scout shirt and the iconic orange neckerchief. Aside from that, the Conjure Guard wear black gloves, a magical hat of their choosing, and a small cloak or capelet.

The capelet provides the conjure guard with their denotation of rank and their magical protection. The color of the capelet denotes the rank within the guard. There are currently 5 colors of Guard Capelets.

I shall list them in order of rank from highest to lowest:

  • The PURPLE capelet is reserved for the REGENTS of the Guard. The current Regent is one Mr. Devlin Archer Hawthorne III. There have been many famous witches who have risen to the rank of Regent since the inception of the Guard.
  • The ORANGE capelet is worn by those who hold the rank of ADEPT.
  • The GREEN capelet is worn by those holding the rank of ACOLYTE.
  • The BLACK capelet is worn by those of the rank of APPRENTICE.
  • The final color of cape is BROWN. this color can be worn by any member of the guard, should they so choose.

As stated earlier, the capelet provides protection from the natural elements as well as denoting rank. But there is another reason that the Conjure Guard wear these capelets.

One of the practices of the conjure guard is the art of STITCH WITCHERY.

This arcane practice infuses the capelet with its mystical might. It entails using special thread to stitch glyphs and sigils onto the Capelet that provide certain benefits like protection from Scrying, sympathetic magic, and detection by those with less than savory intent.

The other thing stitch witchery does is provide information.

With stitch witchery you can also stitch the emblems of the schools of arcane knowledge that each member of the guard is proficient in.
The categories of arcane knowledge are as follows:

DIVINATION: The use of Tarot cards, and other methods of soothsaying to work their magic. This includes the art of Cartomancy.

NECROMANCY: The use of magic to control and provide protection to and from the undead, ghosts and the like, as well as powers over life and death.

ENCHANTMENT: The use of the arcane arts to imbue objects with magical properties.

CHARMS: The use of the arcane arts to bewitch and ensnare the senses and minds of others.

ALCHEMY: The art of combining various ingredients to make magical potions, incense, and other tangible magical consumables.

ELEMENTALISM: The art of controlling the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Including the summoning and controlling of elemental creatures.

CONJURATION: The mystical ability to summon and control mystical beasts of Myth and magic, as well as teleportation and the conjuring of objects from thin air.

ABJURATION: The art of protection and creating magical wards and barriers.

BIOTHAUMATURGY: The art of healing as well as control over one’s physical self.

Each of these different practices has a separate sigil that can be sewn onto the capelet to inform others of what type of magic each member of the guard is capable of performing. Their specialty is usually done with a separate color of enchanted thread.

We hope that this provides some information that will be helpful to those who are thinking of joining the CONJURE GUARD.

Information provided by Terre Steed.

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