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Sea Rangers

The Sea Rangers bravely patrol the oceans of the world, both above and below. These brave men, women, and monsters take their role very seriously, as they are responsible for 2/3 of the earth and they face many dangers in… Continue Reading →

Secret Rangers

The Secret Rangers are simply Rangers in real life… hidden among the Nodds but showing enough of our Colors that they are recognized by others in the know. They are “Rangers Incognito.” Any Monster Ranger in real life situations, is… Continue Reading →

Signal Rangers

The Signal Rangers are the messengers and protectors of “Old Orange,” our pennant. They lead Calamity Parades, give tours, and generally shine our colors far and wide. The Signal Rangers lead our Banner ceremonies, and give New Ranger tours at… Continue Reading →

The Skull Rangers are an ancient sect of Monster Rangers, that predate our organization by at least 500 years. Founded by Joh Woefix, the Skull Rangers are concerned with the care and feeding of our Bloodless (undead) friends: the Haunts,… Continue Reading →

Yokai Rangers

The Yokai Rangers are very specialized in the lore of the Yokai, the traditional spirit creatures of Japan, along with the Kaiju, gigantic monsters who sometimes destroy cities. It is a vast field, as there are thousands of different regional… Continue Reading →

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