About Me

My Name

Gabriel “Gibby” Garcia


Father of 4 amazing girls and married to the love of my life. Wet shaving enthusiast and advocate (predominantly straight razors). I love all things dark, monster related, and cute. My favorite authors run from JRR Tolkien, Clive Barker, CS Friedman, all the way to Wendy & Richard Pini. Favorite monster of all time would have to be Werewolves!! I used to collect the World of Darkness Werewolf  RPG manuals and played Mage the Ascension for awhile. I love the idea behind this group and look forward to enjoying every nerdy moment of this experience 👍🤘😊😊😊!!!

Favorite Monster

Werewolves (predominately), demons, , angels, dragons, swamp thing, Cthulhu, vampires, ogres, goblins, orcs, fairies, etc……