Challenge: Bring Daniel & Dawna a Drink at an Event

When we’re traveling, it’s often difficult to find enough caffeine. (Either due to time, transportation, or knowledge of the locale.)

This is where you come in: bring us some coffee!

Our Summer Order:

Dawna: Green tea infusion. She also likes black tea.

Daniel: Venti mocha Frappachino type thing. Something sweet, cold, chocolate. Favorite: Dutch Brothers large Dbl. Choc. Mocha, blended.

Our Cold Weather Order:

Dawna: Venti hot caramel Macchioto with soy.

Daniel: If it’s really COLD, then I’ll take a hot Venti mocha. Otherwise, I drink blended stuff year-round.

Brewmaster BadgeAnd yeah, we’re certainly game for other variations, in case these are not available. Some folks have brought us coffee beans from their favorite local roaster; we’ll gladly take and use that too.

Once you’ve bought us a drink please request your Brew Master Badge here!

You have our thanks, Brew Master!


The ghost symbolizes persistence, while the cup symbolizes generosity and a thirst for something more. (Like coffee!)


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