Challenge: Steam Crow needs help.

Becoming a Champion Crowny is as simple as lending the Steam Crow team a hand – several occasions over years. (This is Crowny Level 4; the Crony Junior, Crony Veteran, and Crony Champion Badges must be earned first.)

This could include:

  1. Assisting us for shifts at many comic conventions; setting up, breaking down, selling.
  2. Setting up a and running a show for Steam Crow in a distant city.
  3. Helping us bag prints/shirts/products at our home studio – many times.
  4. Providing your technical skill to help us do something – many times.

We’ll be asking for help from time-to-time here on the forums, Facebook, or even in person.

If you feel that you can help us (when we ask for help) let us know!

Lend us a hand, and let us know that you deserve a badge!

Once you’ve helped, please request your Crowny Champion Badge here!


There are four levels: Junior, Veteran, Champion, and Ancient:

  • Junior (Uncommon) – Helping out at one or two shows, doing one important task, lending a hand for an afternoon.
  • Veteran (Rare) – You’re a serial Minion. You’ve helped at several shows, helped us many times in the studio or with your technical know-how.
  • Champion (Very rare) – You’re our Go-To Minion and most likely one of our friends or family. (Or both.)
  • Ancient (Ultra rare) – All of the above, and you’re a leader of other Cronys.


The Fez means service, the Crow is the symbol of our order. The scars signify the many challenges (and foes) that you’ve defeated.

Unlocked By