[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Log Monsters is a tradition of MONSTRO CAMPS, which we do during the day. You can do this at ANY Monster Rangers camp or camp pyre gathering. Make certain that there is no fire ban in effect before doing this art ceremony.

Of course, it all begins with a story…

Long ago, the Crow Queen, the dark oppressor of Obscuria, had all of the Monsters under her control and domination, for as long as any Monster could remember. You see, she was blessed with terrible power, and could twist the minds and bones of beast with a flick of her black wing.

Every single beast served her, labored beneath her Court, and were her slaves.

But one night, a group of brave Monsters decided to fight back, and escape her wrath. Together, they chewed through their Peril Chains, bent the bars of their cages, and escaped from her dungeon-pits.

In ecstasy, they tasted their first fresh air of freedom, and ran to the nearest shelter they could find; a small grove of trees. It looked safe there, and they hid among the trunks and limbs, thinking that they had perhaps escaped. Their terror waned into relief.

But the Crow Queen wouldn’t be so easily defeated; she knew where those poor monsters were hiding; she could smell their happiness, and it made her furious.

She cast a working, a mighty spell that fused the monsters into the trees themselves, trapping and binding their souls into the wood. The Crow Queen strode away, leaving the trees to fall into piles of old logs… each a prison for that individual creature.


  • Fire logs, sans bark if possible, 1 per Ranger
  • Markers, sharpies, or acrylic paints
  • A table or space to draw
  • A fire ring


These logs are from that forest; they have the Monster’s souls trapped within. If we draw the monster that is trapped inside this log, we can help unlock it so that the wooden cage can burn away, setting the monster free.

Let’s draw!

Once the Ranger has illustrated their monster, they can place their standing log around the fire for others to see. It is important for the Camp Pyre Officer to watch over the logs, and not allow them to be burnt.


Have each artist come forward, hold their log aloft, and tell the brief story of their Log Monster. Then carefully place their log into the unlit fire.

Then, when the fire is lit, the monster will be freed!

REJOICE! CAW![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]