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LeeAnn Jensen lives in a whimsical world where anything can happen or be created.
She has her B.A. in media arts and animation. Loves to teach kids art and how to be the creative geniuses they were born to be.
Music; violin and singing, art; drawing and painting, and all kinds of crafts and sewing are her life.
Southwest Shakespeare Company has been the place to expand her costume creations as well as participating in the costume programming department of Phoenix Fan Fusion. She is the owner of the Etsy store called “OneKnackyKnight” and creates all kinds of critters from Adipose to Dragons.

LeeAnn believes you can do anything if you want to badly enough because you will find a way to accomplish it.

Favorite Monster

Areion The Black Pegasus Figure with Bat-like wings, and Thestrals, Griffins, and NightMare's.

Monster Ranger Info

Ranger Branch(es)

Dark Librarians, Rangers Core

Directory Listing Location

Mesa, AZ