About Me

My Name

E. Moore


Greetings, I’m EM (or Elizabeth), Graphic illustrator, hobbyist engineer, video game enthusiast and Witchy wife. My husband David and I are the proud parents of two black cats. Every morning I get up and start the day with coffee or a cup of tea.
I grew up with my family involved in boy scouts and a very active imagination. While my parents were involved with the camp activities, I’d often searching for monsters of the woods or defend the camp with my trusty stick against the beasts in the shadows. Years later, when at ECCC (2017), I found refuge hanging out next to the booth that seemed to speak a part of my brain that had been grown over by the years of growing up.  I think I may have cried a little when they said I could be a part of this big spooky family and now here we are.

Favorite Monster

Ghosts, leshins, owlbears

Monster Ranger Info

Ranger Branch(es)

Clocktalkers, Conjure Guard, Rangers Core

Directory Listing Location

Portland, Or