About Me

My Name

Ranger Rory Moon


Hi there Rangers! My name is Moon & I’m a fairly new Scare Force and community member. I’m both a character and a person, so many updates soon to come!

About Rory (character): Adventurous, loves the outdoors, admires pilots & engineers, is constantly sunburnt, and is proud to be responsible for helping out friendly monsters.

About Moon (person): Loves reading, making art, camping with my demon dog, dancing poorly to loud music, and trying out new things! If you know what they/them pronouns are, please use them for me.

Looking forward to gettin’ crafty with ya’ll!

Favorite Monster

Grendel's Mother, Grendel, whatever keeps grabbing my feet from under the bed

Monster Ranger Info

Ranger Branch(es)

Scare Force

Directory Listing Location

Phoenix, AZ