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Monster Rangers RPG Kickstarter

Coming Feb 1st Hi there! I wanted to let you know that our upcoming Monster Rangers RPG game is utilizing Fate (Condensed), and will Kickstart on February 1st. You can follow the campaign and be notified at launch, here. You play… Continue Reading →

Stitch Witch Kickstarter

Starting on Friday, February 25th, we’ll be doing our 15th Kickstarter, all based on Witch Stitching. You can read all about it here. We’d appreciate a pledge, if you happen to be interested. The core of the Kickstarter is getting… Continue Reading →

Krampus Collection 6 Kickstarter

This is our 6th Krampus Collection Kickstarter, and this year we’re offering a brand-new Krampus t-shirt, matching vintage Krampus & Santa head patches, a Krampus Crest patch, and a reversible Krampus holiday card. It’s going to be a quick campaign,… Continue Reading →

Halloween Kickstarter 2021

We’re launching our 13th Kickstarter here on July 20th. Since we’re always drawing pumpkin headed guys like Marrow Thatch, this time we decided to do a slightly more traditional Halloween scarecrow, in the form of a t-shirt and patch. KICKSTARTER… Continue Reading →

Fiji Mermaid: Gentalman Jihm

The following is a very true1 story. Franc Marsh of Gritdown, Oregon was fishing for ground fish along the misty Pacific coast in October 1908, when he heard the most strange song emanating from a fog bank: “Gentalman Jihm, of… Continue Reading →

Monster Rangers 2018 Kickstarter

Here’s a preview of the 2018 Monster Rangers Membership Drive Kickstarter It launches Friday May 17, 2018, and will last just over 2 weeks. We’ll let the images do the talking: Baron’s Relic Spork One of a kind, it comes… Continue Reading →

Mission 4 Shout

Rangers, we need help spreading the word! Your Mission is simple: Spread the word about our current Kickstarter campaign. How to Get Started Wait for us to announce a Kickstarter campaign Pledge on the current/live Kickstarter Follow any campaign specific… Continue Reading →

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