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Monster Rangers Inspiration

INSPIRATION Be inspired by many things, but these films, shows, and books might help jog your memory of Obscuria. While many are not precisely from 1913, most have some sort of monster or setting that inspires the Rangerverse. While this… Continue Reading →

Frostbrine Scuttle Barge

Scuttle Barges are very common throughout the Frostbrine. Typically made out of brass plated wood, they were made to be left in the salty waters for years without worry from worms, barnacles, and sea beasts. While some folks rent them… Continue Reading →

Fate Core Character Sheet

Fate Core is the roleplaying game system that I like to use for my Monster Rangers adventures. It’s such a flexible game system, that I tend to use it for my Fantasy games, too. It’s highly adaptable, and you can… Continue Reading →

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