Trolla are an ancient race of hulking, bestial creatures who come from the rugged mountain lands. They are known for their bloodthirsty rage, and they have a tradition of eating other monsterfolk.

Trolla have large tusks, with huge clawed hands, big feet, and formidable strength. Mature trolls have a pair of horns that extend from either side of their shaggy heads, usually shiny black or brown in coloration. They usually wear little clothes besides leather straps, gloves, belts, chains and boots. The are the largest of the “civilized” monsterfolk.

Diet: Meat and jerky and more meat and meat drinks and doomshine
Lifespan: 60-90 years
Size: 8-10 feet tall
Racial Skill: Blight Belch
Free Skill: Speak Monston
Racial Gift: +1 Scale
Racial Fault: Fugugly

Most Trolla:

  • Don’t live to 20
  • Live in junkyards
  • Sell scrap metal
  • Eat only street-meat or canned meat product
  • Value battle skill and toughness above social politeness
  • Never leave their extended familial clans
  • Love music, especial the caustic Troll Jazz.
  • Are free spirits, children of the wild

Some Trolla:

  • Leave their clans
  • Learn some trade or skill, such as mechanics or cartography
  • Become bounty hunters or body guards
  • Can engage in a berserk fury called “Wonderkill”
  • Fight with hammers instead of bare fists.

Famed Trolla:

Brikka “Banjo” – Traveling musician. Is the most famed throat-singing Troll Jazz artist around. His baritone howls can be heard for miles and echo for weeks at a time.

Huk – Carnie fist fighter. Has traveled through most of Obscuria and has never been defeated in the ring. His fists are wrapped in chains and secured with iron locks.