The Bee badge celebrates the industrious insect who keeps pollination (and honey) in our lives. Wearing this badge shows that you are “pro-bee.” This Spirit Badge was a featured reward for our 2017 Monster Scouts Membership Drive Kickstarter.


There is but 1 level of the Bee Spirit Badge, but it stings!

Bee Spirit Badge

The queen bee may lay 600-800 or even 1,500 eggs each day during her 3- or 4-year lifetime. Also, hexes are magical.

Point Value

The Bee Spirit Badge is worth 10 Glory points.


The bee symbolizes brightness, community and power, but not ship building.


This is a common badge. You can get yours here!

Personal Ranger Challenge

To fully earn the Bee Spirit Badge the Ranger must:

  • Eat a small amount of honey (unless the Ranger is allergic in any way.)
  • Sing a song to a bee, without getting stung
  • Dress up like a bee and do a fancy bee dance.

You don’t turn this in for credit; you simply log it into your personal Rangers Sketchbook – Ranger’s Honor!

Good luck, Monster Ranger!

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