Here at Monster Rangers, we respect all our monster friends, and that includes our undead counterparts. Sure, most Nodds fear the reaper, but Rangers know the ghost reaper is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a regular haunt with a job to do, just like the rest of us.

This was our official 2019 Monstro Camp badge; our theme was HAUNTS!


There is but 1 level of the Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge.


It is said that the ghost reaper’s scythe is so sharp it can split a hair from a hairless yeti in two.

Point Value

The Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge is worth 10 Glory points.


The smiling ghost symbolizes the need to not judge a ghost reaper by the size of its scythe. Most just want to be your friend.


This is a common badge.

Personal Ranger Challenge

To fully earn the Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge the Ranger must:

  • Do one thing that scares you (within reason)
  • Strike up a conversion with a haunt of your choice
  • Spruce up a neglected gravestone

Monster Ranger Jr. Challenge

  • Draw a picture of a ghost
  • Do a rubbing of a cool looking gravestone
  • Pick some random old gravestone then try to research who the person was

You don’t turn this in for credit; you simply log it into your personal Ranger Sketchbook – Ranger’s Honor!

Good luck, Monster Ranger!

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