The Mind Games Spirit Badge is about training your mind to do powerful things… with GAMES!


There is but 1 level of theMind Games Badge.


This is a Psychic Rangers Badge, yet another variant of the all-seeing-eye.

Point Value

The Mind Games Badge is worth 10 Glory points.


Sure, we’ve already talked a lot about the symbology of the EYE a lot around here.

But instead, let’s talk about games! Games are fun. Games teach strategy, and often inspire study.

Heck, I wasn’t at all interested in books or the library until I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. That changed everything for me, and suddenly I was a book-nut looking at historical castle books, books about armor, weapons, mythology, and of course, fiction.


This is a common badge. You can order one here!

Personal Ranger Challenge

To fully earn the Mind Games Spirit Badge the Ranger must:

  • Find a game to play, be it a board game, RPG, or other PHYSICAL game.
  • Get some Rangers together to play it.
  • Have a great time!
  • Repeat often!

Monster Ranger Jr. Challenge

  • Same as above, but with your Parent/Guardian’s assistance and support.

You don’t turn this in for credit; you simply log it into your personal Ranger Sketchbook – Ranger’s Honor!

Good luck, Monster Ranger!

Unlocked By