“Not Today” is a rally call against the Grim Reaper, specifically against bad mental health days. (They happen, but this shirt is a reminder not to act on those voices that sometimes trouble us.) In truth, I made this for myself as a reminder to fight back against my own mental illness.


There is but 1 level of the Not Today Patch.


I’ve struggled with mental illness my whole life. I created Steam Crow (with Dawna) as a way to combat it. (Spending my life making what I love for people I like.)

Point Value

The Not Today Patch is worth 25 Glory points, more than most Spirit Badges.


Instead of a “momento mori” I think of this as a “momento vitae”; a reminder of life. (And to live.)


This is a Common patch. You can order yours here!

Personal Ranger Challenge

  1. Find a free day in your schedule, and do something JUST FOR YOU. Your responsibilities/worries are “NOT TODAY.”
  2. Paint something, draw, take a bath… but do something active. (Rather than SLEEP ALL DAY, veg out binging shows all day, etc.)
  3. Log it in your Monster Rangers Notebook
  4. Repeat as necessary

Monster Rangers Jr. Challenge

  • When you’re having a down time, talk to your family about it.
  • Tell them about this challenge, and then tell them about something that you’d like to do with them.
  • No, we’re not talking about a Disneyland trip; we’re talking about something more personal… like a hike, doing some arts & crafts, or something like that.
  • Have a good day, doing it.
  • Log it into your Monster Rangers Notebook
  • Repeat as necessary

You don’t turn this in for credit; you simply log it into your Rangers Notebook – Rangers Honor!

Good luck, Monster Ranger!

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