Steam Crow loves our Crow Scout collectors! This is a badge awarded to an individual who purchases FOUR (4) 12×18 (or our 11×17 serigraphs) at one time… for free. (While supplies last!)


“I’m a Print Collector 4 Warlock!”


There is just one level of the Print Collector 4, though there is a Print Collector 5 and 6.


You have to ask for the Print Collector 4 Badge when you make your purchase of 4 12×18 prints all at once. The program starts March 2015; we can’t award before this time. Also, there’s no guarantee that this badge will be in stock; if you’re worried about it, please ask first.

This badge is also valid for online purchases at


This badge symbolizes your kind and generous support of Steam Crow prints.


This is an uncommon badge.

Unlocked By